About Me

Hello my name is Nickolay Perov, I’m 27 years old and I live in Moscow (Russia). Some time ago, I’ve created a blog about self-development in my native language – Russian. In a year, the website gained some popularity. It was visited by more than 100.000 people in a month. I got a lot of appreciative comments from the readers.
Thanks to these comments, I realized that I was moving in the right direction and I decided to make an English version of the website in order to bring my ideas to a larger audience.

My self-development journey began with the fight against the problems concerning my personality. Some time ago, I have had a lot of such problems. I suffered from depression, panic attacks and attention deficit disorder. I was nervous, impulsive, diffident, lazy and worried.
I drank a lot of alcohol and smoked one and a half of cigarette pack per day. I had difficulties in communicating with people, in work and study. I could not control my own emotions and desires.

I began to meditate in the hope that it will help me get rid of depression. Being a man far from the eastern traditions, I believed in this method efficiency not much, but I had no other choice at that moment: I did not think that anti-depressants could help me.
Meditation helped me start refining myself. In the course of this work, I realized what are my shortcomings and weaknesses, why I was suffering and I could not find my happiness.

I started to analyze and correct myself. As a result, I made a progress in getting rid of problems and in improving my personal skills.
Depression and panic attacks disappeared. I became more calm and balanced. I broke off the bad habits: I do not drink, do not smoke and do not use drugs. My health was improved. My communication problems disappeared.

My intelligence and willpower were also developed. It became much easier to reach my goals. As a result, my financial situation became better. I found more suitable job, and other income sources appeared in my life.

I enjoy these personal metamorphoses and those things they brought with them. I continue to grow, develop and I lead the charge.

Independently I have created two websites about self-development (Russian and English), and I filled them with information.
I did not attend any self-development courses, I did not participate in trainings and I did not consult with psychologists. All my conclusions and ideas, which have helped me and have already managed to help many of my readers, I have learned from my personal experience and from watching over myself and other people.

I’ve noticed that a lot of smart people are possessed by the same delusions and stereotypes. I was subject to these prejudices myself, and they strongly interfered with my becoming the person I wanted to be.

On this blog, I will try to break these prejudices and to share the conclusions based on my own self-development experience.
I really want to help people become happier and more harmonious.
In my articles, I will tell you about the things that helped me get rid of my personal problems and begin improving my best qualities.