How I Quit Smoking – Dealing with Tobacco Addiction (Part2)

In order to make the statements in the previous part of the article more clear, I will go back again to my own example, and I will tell you how I quit smoking. I will also introduce you to the general questions of dealing with tobacco addiction. Some time ago, it seemed to me that tobacco is my ally forever. After all, I was not just a smoker to whom the habit has already become a lump in a throat.

I did get great pleasure from smoking. How did it come that I quit smoking without much difficulty?

Depression and panic attacks have made me do something about my body. I was tired of suffering and losing composure. I began to learn to relax through breathing, physical exercises or meditation.

I tried to take control of my state, get rid of excitement and anxiety, which always accompanied me.

I began to manage it. After a while I became more calm and balanced. I felt myself better.

Due to these changes, I began to get less pleasure from nicotine. Previously, the drug helped me cope with stress and calm my inner agitation. When I became more relaxed, I had less need for tobacco as a way to relieve the stress.

I learned how to control my body; I got rid of hyperactivity, which made me get a pack and drag on the smoke, in order to use somehow the excess energy of my body.

My mood became better; therefore, I felt no need to perk up my mood with the help of some familiar daily rituals.

Smoking stopped being for me an integral part of my life. I continued to smoke, but I felt that this habit was a superfluous thing and that I do not need it. I did it (smoking) only because I was used to. The problems, which I use to solve using tobacco, gradually disappeared, or I could find better decisions for those problems.

Therefore, I decided to get rid of the addiction. It was not difficult at all. Moreover, it became a natural consequence of personality changes, which needed tobacco no longer.

(If we talk about other drugs, over time, I also stopped feeling the need for alcohol and therefore I stopped drinking. I will write an article about how to stop drinking.)

I had a little left to do. I had to overcome the withdrawal syndrome. The first 4 – 5 days after nicotine withdrawal I felt anger and lack of concentration. I worried more than usual. And, yes, of course, I wanted to smoke very much.

But still, I cannot say that it was very hard. I considered it simply as a pain, which must be endured.

Each of you endured some kind of disease, during which you felt some pain and you felt bad. But you knew that the disease will pass and all you have to do is to be patient and wait.

I set my heart on the same concept of action. I knew that my body has stopped receiving the substance it needed because of the reaction of dopamine production.

I knew that my body will resist and show signs of illness. After all, I am depriving it of a strong drug. It is natural. All I had to do was to be patient and wait until that would be over.

I had to wait not so much. In a week, it became much easier. I was glad that I could cope with it so long. I was pleased to breathe the air with clean lungs and I enjoyed the street scenes with my new sense of smell. The physiological withdrawal symptoms almost did not show up.

It was still unusual without a cigarette, but I felt much easier, than in the first week of withdrawal.

Earlier, I used to think that I will lose something, if I give up tobacco; I will lose something very valuable, without which I would find some difficulty.

Many smokers think this way, and I thought the same way too…

But thanks to freedom from tobacco, on the contrary, I gained a lot of things!

Smoking is unnatural!

As long as you smoke, you may think that a cigarette is a natural continuation of your personality. Many smokers, like me in the past, take tobacco consumption almost as a natural need of the body.
In order to get calories and vitamins, we need to eat. To let the brain have a rest, we need to sleep. In order to de-stress, have our hands busy, receive hourly pleasure and relaxation, we need to smoke.

The last statement is false! Namely due to the fact that people consider smoking as something natural and irreplaceable, they find it difficult to quit smoking and they are afraid of living without cigarettes. And if they did quit smoking, after some time they start buying packets of tobacco again.

Smoking is not natural! It is like insulin for a diabetic. As long as you are diabetic, you need this medication. Once you stop being ill, you will need insulin from pharmacy no longer, because your body will begin to produce the substance itself!

The same thing happens to smoking. When you get rid of the smoking causes, you will need a cigarette no longer. You can get rid of these causes! My experience and the experience of many people are the evidence of this!

I want you to know about it, before you decide to quit smoking. This will help you be less afraid of a life without tobacco.

You have nothing to lose, when you quit smoking!

You will not lose a trusted friend. On the contrary, you will get rid of the annoying, dangerous and subtle enemy that quietly poisons your life by masquerading as being a friend!

The possible harm of anti-tobacco companies

Strange as it may seem, I have not written a single word about the tobacco harm. I think that everybody is well aware of this fact. I doubt that the anti-smoking organizations’ admonitions about this drug harm are doing a great job.

I read about a curious research, which revealed that frightening inscriptions on packs of cigarettes about the nicotine harm, in fact, provoke people to smoke. It is paradoxical, but it is true.

When a person reads an inscription like “Nicotine causes a deadly disease”, he think of death, of the end of his existence. When he thinks of this, he experiences some stress and has some depressing thoughts. And how is a smoker used to cope with stress and negative feelings?

That’s right! A cigarette helps him! He smokes to forget about the things that the inscription on the pack reminded him!

In my opinion, it is better to talk about the benefits of life without nicotine than about this substance harm. Therefore, I will tell you about this by my own example.

What did I get, when I quit smoking?

  • I had more energy; my overall physical condition has improved
  • The shortness of breath has gone
  • The unpleasant tobacco smell of my body and out of my mouth has gone
  • The feeling of heaviness in my head in the morning has gone. My head seemed to become clearer and easier
  • I am able to deal with stress much better, because I’ve learned to do it without cigarettes
  • I became less worried and fussy
  • It became easier to me to control other bad habits and weaknesses, as I managed to cope with one of the strongest ones
  • My willpower has strengthened
  • My mood has improved

Smoking induces the development of your weaknesses

You have to understand that smoking does harm not only to your body: heart, reproductive system, lungs, blood vessels, brain, but also cultivates your shortcomings and weaknesses.

If you got used to cope with stress with the help of tobacco, you lose the ability to get rid of it by yourself. Besides, nicotine addiction increases the amount of stress that you get between smoke breaks.

The habit of smoking weakens your willpower, makes you an addicted person, and deprives you from freedom.

Smoking encourages aimless activity, making you feel uncomfortable in the moments of tranquility and absence of any activity. The habit of constant stimulation of your receptors, associated with dopamine, leads to the fact that you begin to experience an inexhaustible need for such stimulation in order to get fast pleasure with the help of food, alcohol or drugs.

Therefore, smoking is the main “ally” of such ailments as ADHD.

One bad habit generates the other

Smokers are less attractive to other people, than non-smokers. First, they smell bad. Second, a cigarette in a mouth indicates a weak willpower, inability to control your weaknesses, absence of your health care and, perhaps, of a weakened body because of bad habits.

When you quit smoking, you will not only improve your health and reduce the risk of fatal diseases’ emergence, but you will also develop important personal skills and you will become more attractive to other people.

Now i’d like to tell you about main reasons of being a smoker. I will tell you about how to deal with this reasons. Please pass on to the third part of the article Why Do People Smoke Cigarettes Dealing With the Reasons of Smoking.


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