How To Get Rid of Panic Attacks Without Medication

In this post I will tell you how to get rid of panic attacks without medication. I have been suffering from this disorder for several years and I got rid of it without doctors and medicines.

I have experienced no uncontrollable panic attacks during 3 years. The most important fact is that I am not afraid of new attacks, because I’m ready to meet them and cope with them.

The article will reveal the way of achieving the state of no fear of panic attacks. I will also tell you by means of what methods and exercises you can quickly stop the panic attacks.Since you’re reading the article, chances are you or a member of your family, or your friend suffers from this disease, because of which an uncontrollable feeling of fear, fear of losing self-control and fear of death occur.

Before continuing talking about the method of getting rid of panic attacks (the abbreviation “PA” can be further used), I want you to understand something. Do not worry about this disease, it can be controlled and treated, it is not something terrible and incurable. The fact that you suffer from panic attacks, does not make you crazy, “displaced”, sick and “unique” (in the bad sense of the word).

Many people suffer from panic attacks (mainly young people), and the majority of them recover from PA. It is like a headache: either you have these attacks or not. Nothing more, nothing less. You know it already; I’m saying this just in case, because I leaked these words during the time when the first attacks began.

The first attacks

When the first attack occurred, I was scared and could not understand what was happening to me. I remember the abrupt appearance of uncontrolled, aimless animal fear in the middle of the night. At that moment it seemed that my heart was in my mouth. The panic paralyzed me completely. When the attack was gone, a bad feeling of anxiety still remained. I reassured myself that this was an isolated case and more likely it will happen never again.

The second and the third attacks have dispelled the hope. I was scared, not only because of the fear of the attacks, but also because of the fact that I could not understand their nature. At that time I did not suspect about the existence of such phenomenon as “panic disorder”. I did not know what’s wrong with me and I was very worried. I felt that I was gradually going mad and I was losing control over my mind.

If at that time someone had told me that was a very common disorder and no one falls into insanity, it would have been easier for me to endure the first attack.But everything had ended well. I have been suffering from panic disorder during 4 years. After this period, I finally forgot about them. I completely got rid of panic attacks without any medicines. In this article I will tell you how I managed to do this.

For a start, I will share my opinion concerning the nature of panic attacks. I believe that if you want to get rid of them, then, first of all, you shall know the enemy by sight, be aware of all of its cunnings and sneaky tricks. Therefore, I will start with a general view of the problem and then I will pass to some practical advice on how to get rid of the PA and how to stop panic attack quickly.

You need to know this. Not only to improve your erudition, but also to create the correct perception of panic attacks. I hope you will feel better by knowing that these attacks are simply the consequence of the brain’s artless biochemistry, the mechanism of which is similar to adrenaline rush and bringing the body into “combat readiness” in the face of danger. It is much better to take attacks this way than considering them as symptoms of your subconscious work, as consequences of childhood traumas and fears, which have settled somewhere deeply inside you.

Fear is an illusion

You have to understand that fear, which is born inside you during the attacks, is the result of certain substances’ emissions into your brain. All your accompanying fears concerning the fact that you will go mad, will faint or will even die – are just the consequence of these mechanisms. I assure you that they are not the real danger. A strongly drunk man may feel that he is able to show some wonders of martial arts, or that he can charm any woman. His arrogance is only the consequence of his intoxication and does not reflect his actual personality traits. If, after having drunk a bottle of whiskey, he thinks that he can knock out Mike Tyson, this does not mean that he can really do it.

The same can be applied to panic attacks. If, during the attack, you think you will lose control, will go mad, will die – it does not mean that this will happen. The fear during the attacks is the same illusion as arrogance of a drunkard. Nothing can happen to you. No one has died from panic attacks and no one has gone mad.

What happens during the panic attacks?

Following the sudden fear, the adrenaline rush occurred. It causes a certain reaction of the nervous system, the so-called “fight-or-flight” response. This response prepares your body for vigorous activity. This leads to an increase in heart rate (tachycardia), intensive breathing (hyperventilation), and sweating (which can cause chills and fever). Hyperventilation leads to CO2 (carbon dioxide) level reduction in the lungs and then into the blood. This leads to jumps in the blood acidity (pH), which may cause such symptoms as dizziness, numbness or tingling of extremities.

Simply put, a panic attack is nothing more than a manifestation of fear without its source. Imagine that someone inadvertently increased the fire alarm system sensitivity in a room, and now it turned on itself in any random time. Something similar happens to us during the attacks: our body starts to sound the alarm without apparent reason. Of course, the panic attack of some people is triggered by some events in the outside world, for example, it starts in the subway or on the plane. But the principle is the same: the body reacts to some things too strongly and sensitively and “turns on” the panic mode.

That is the way the body is. The “fight-or-flight” response, which underlies the panic attacks, was set up by evolution for us to be able to survive in case of danger. It is obvious that during the panic attacks this mechanism fails, and it starts in those moments, when it is not dictated by any expediency, that’s all.

More in detail about panic attacks you can read in my article:

Panic attacks and panic disorder symptoms. Are they dangerous?

Psychology of panic attack

The next step of “knowing the enemy by sight” is to understand what psychological causes create a panic attack. A panic attack is kind of – a “parasite”. The statement should not be understood literally. PA is not a living organism; therefore, the word “parasite” is quoted. The comparison is given just to simplify the understanding. Like any parasite, the panic attack exists at the expense of your energy, emotions, fears and it feeds on them.

The attacks are characterized not only by a sudden panic about some unknown matter, but also by the fact that during these attacks other fears and anxieties, which further only increase the attack, blossom. For example, you start to think that you will go mad, will lose control, or will die; you start spinning this ball of anxiety in own head, and thus new fears are born: you think that you have a serious illness, that you will never be cured, that all this will remain forever, etc.

The bundle of fears begins to ravel even more and you get worse; all symptoms of the panic attacks become stronger. When everything finally passed, you do not feel relief, but live in some anxious anticipation of new panic attacks. The fear of PA repetition provokes new panic attacks! Do you understand? It turns out that the panic mechanism in your body triggers the initial momentum of your body physiological reactions’ chain (adrenaline rush, increase in heart rate, etc.) and the rest “work” is done by yourself! How? You begin to fear, you provoke the emergence of new fears, you work yourself up and you feel groundless concern related to your health and your life.

Thus, you form a fertile ground for the emergence of new panic attacks.

Panic attacks like parasites feed on your fears, without which they will either be weakened thus becoming easier to be endured, or will disappear altogether. This is the key moment in understanding the nature of panic attacks and in getting rid of them! This understanding has allowed me to get rid of them. And now I will consider different methods of dealing with the panic attacks and will assess the effectiveness of each of them, as a particular example and in general.

For a start, I will tell you about the panic attacks’ treatment, about how to get rid of the problem forever. And then I will pass to “operational” methods, which will help you quickly stop the PA in case it occurs.

How do I feel about panic attacks’ “treatment” with the help of pills?

I guess that having quoted the word “treatment”, you already understand my attitude towards the use of antidepressants or tranquilizers in getting rid of the PA. In case you ask me whether you should, first of all, take pills at panic attacks?!

My answer will be: By no means! (Just the same as with depression, chronic nervousness, etc.) I believe that panic attacks have a range of emergence causes. These causes include, for example, exposure to stress, concern, bad habits, sedentary lifestyle, and emotional oversensitivity.

The PA causes consist of both psychological aspects of the personality and physiological state of the organism. The likelihood of the PA emergence – is an inverse function from the general state of your health: mental and physical. Any treatment involves getting rid of the disease causes; otherwise we can talk only about symptoms’ removal. Taking pills represents a “temporary” and unreliable solution, while ignoring the complex of measures aimed at refining yourself!

Are pills able to solve your health problems? No, they will provide only some temporary relief. Previously, we found that attacks feed on your fears and can exist only when you set these fears going. Are pills able to teach you to control your fear and resist it? Undoubtedly, they will allay the fear, but is this the solution? You will not learn to control the fear!

Even if the medicated “treatment” gives some result, then, what will happen if attacks returns? What if emotional trauma occurs again, what if sudden stress? Will you take pills again? What if it is ineffective for the second time? Will you take pills once again? What if it does not help?

A great number of these “what if” makes you completely helpless in the face of new panic attacks, because relying on pills as an easy and instant “solution” of the PA problem, you have become addicted to such solutions! Things depend on you no longer, it is all about whether the new course of antidepressants will bring the desired effect or not, whether you will have to endure the trauma again or not.

You become like a casino player, when only the luck determines the winning and losing. In cases when things depend on you no longer, you start to be afraid of new attacks, since you leave their appearance up to chance. Of course, pills represent a quick and the easiest way, but it is extremely inefficient. If you are a supporter only of such methods, you can leave the website right now, because further I will reveal some proven methods of long-term results!

I will tell you about the methods that will allow you not only to get rid of panic attacks, but also will help you not to be afraid of their re-occurrence. Of course, refining yourself is not as easy as going to the doctor and asking him to prescribe you some pills that he will gladly prescribe. It’s not only about doctors. Unfortunately, people look for exceptionally easy, fast and maybe unreliable solutions to their problems. That is why doctors prescribe them the things they came for.

People should take pills only in case when all other means were of no help. Or use them in combination with other natural methods of getting rid of the panic attacks (sports, therapy, exercises). One should by no means be limited only to medications!

It will be even better to cope without pills, as I did. Do not forget: antidepressants and tranquilizers are very harmful. Pills can also cause severe dependency of which it will be difficult to get rid. In my opinion this is the latest means in the case.

Accompanying symptoms of panic attacks

The insidiousness of panic attacks is that they bring a lot of unpleasant feelings, which, as it might seem, cannot be attributed to panic attacks. Therefore, people start being afraid of the fact that besides panic disorder they may have many other diseases. I often receive such comments (on the Russian version of the website) like: “Nikolay, in addition to panic attacks I feel like something is wrong with me, as though I look at the world through a haze.”

I also had these symptoms, which disappeared along with the panic disorder. Based on my own experience and based on many readers’ reviews, I arrived to the conclusion that these symptoms are associated with panic disorder. I decided to list them under this section, so that those who read this article have no need to invent themselves new diseases and no need to worry about these symptoms. I had experienced a part of them, when I was suffering from the PA.

  • Feeling of unreality. Feeling as through signals from the outside world reach late. As through you look at the world through a haze. I had suffered from this. It has passed along with the PA. It is called derealization or depersonalization. You can read about this in more detail in my article “How to get rid of derealization and depersonalization”
  • Increase of blood pressure. I had suffered from this. It has passed along with the PA.
  • Feeling as though you faint. Surrounding sounds are upon that distorted. I had suffered from this. It has passed along with the PA.
  • It is difficult to fix your gaze on a single object. It always “jumps”. I had suffered from this. It has passed along with the PA.
  • Fear of dying. Fear of going mad. Feeling that I might lose control and hurt myself or loved ones. I had suffered from this. It has passed along with the PA.
  • Increase of heart rate. I had suffered from this. It has passed along with the PA.
  • Sleep problems. A sharp high-frequency sound in ears, when dropping-off to sleep. A sharp awakening, which brings the feeling as though you are falling. Literally “shakes out of sleep.” Frightening images in the head when falling sleep. I had suffered from this. It has passed along with the PA.
  • Fear of swallowing food. A few readers, who left comments, had suffered or suffer from this.

If you find out that these symptoms are characteristic to you too, do not worry. You are not sick, schizophrenic or psycho. These effects are present in many people, who suffer from PA, as well as I was. If you have other symptoms associated with panic disorder and I haven’t listed them, nevertheless, do not be afraid. Panic attacks manifest themselves in different ways. Some people experience the fear of dying from a heart attack, the other lose their appetite, others are afraid of getting into subway, the next ones are afraid of global catastrophes, and there are some people that swallow with difficulty…

The PA aggravate your hidden fears and phobias and create new ones. Namely on you depend the way of these fears’ manifestation – fear of public transport or constant anxiety for your life. If as a result of the PA some unknown phobia has occurred, no need to think that your case is unique and requires a unique approach. (Although, I highly recommended you to see a doctor and make sure that you have no other diseases!) Your fellow-sufferers are not only those who have the same fear, but also all those who suffer from the panic attacks! It does not matter what exactly your phobia is, it is important that it results from the panic disorder and requires a therapeutic approach, which is applied to panic attacks.

That is, all tips from the article are suitable for anyone, who suffers from the panic disorder, no matter how panic attacks show themselves in his particular case!

I have added this section in December 18, 2013. I hope this information will help people worry less and will resolve some issues.

Methods of getting rid of panic attacks forever

Do meditation

I must tell you at once that meditation is a technique for relaxation and self-control, not a mystical discipline. There is no magic and sorcery. Namely meditation has helped me get rid of panic attacks (in conjunction with the rest, about which I will tell you later). Meditation aims to fight against the cause of panic attacks: it reduces your sensitivity to stress, teaches to relax and deal with your fears, not to give them way.

I am not the only one, who has experience in panic disorder treatment by means of meditation: in the Internet, you can find a lot of comments on how meditation has helped many people get rid of panic attacks. When I read the sources, I have not found any comment concerning the fact that meditation practice somehow aggravated the PA. Basically, it helps get rid of them.

Recently, I received regular comments from the readers of my Russian version of the website. The comments reveal the fact that meditation helps them cope with panic attacks. People write in their comments that many more traditional methods were ineffective for them, and they have almost lost their hope of getting rid of panic disorder.Some of them could not even leave the house, being afraid of attacks. Meditation has taught them to deal with panic, to calm their mind and to control their emotions. They even do not believe in the received result; it was so unexpected.

Even if meditation doesn’t help you cure the PA, about which I frankly doubt, with the help of it you will no longer identify yourself with your fears, you will be able to distract from the attack, to control it, to stop the flow of unpleasant thoughts, and thus, to make the PA much more tolerant and smooth. I have heard that some therapists recommend meditating. Science has long identified the positive effect, which meditation has on your health and mood.

The positive effect is achieved only at regular practice. My anxiety and panic attacks have passed in about six months after systematic meditation twice a day. A year later I felt completely confident and not afraid of attacks’ repetition. Changes will not come overnight, but, meditation ensures a long-term effect and it does not only solve the problem of panic attacks, but also can give your personality much more: a sober mind, strong willpower, control of your feelings and mind, and unruffled calm. This is a valuable practice, which would come pat later.

I stopped being afraid of new attacks, not only because due to meditation I have become calmer and relaxed, but also because I know how to resist them in case of their emergence. Now I am sure that the PA will not be able to break me and plunge into despair.Due to meditation, I have learned to deal with them.

I would consider the panic attack as some original feeling more (some adrenaline rush in the middle of the day for no apparent reason: thrills, and just for free!), than as a threat. Meditation taught me this positive perception of the PA. When you learn to perceive the attacks this way, then they will go away forever. After a while, when I started meditating, I gradually began to realize what I shall do to feel good. This understanding was not a sudden revelation; it has penetrated into me gradually, drop by drop, and even imperceptibly, at first.

Meditation not only gets rid of panic attacks, but also gives you a subtle scent of your body, organizes the balance between your body and your mind, so that you begin to realize what your body needs in order to feel good and how to resist the painful attacks. You will have strength and willpower to implement this understanding in practice, to direct the conscious efforts to fight against the disease.

This is a great advantage of meditation over pills, the use of which does not imply any internal work, no conscious resistance. That is why the meditation practice can guarantee you that the PA will not come back and if they arise again, you will know what to do! You will be helpless no longer; you will be armed and very dangerous! And your willpower and your mind will become your weapon. Following the link you will be able to read about how to meditate properly.

Before you start meditating, I want to warn you about one thing. No need to consider meditation as a course of taking antidepressants, which consists in the fact that you are taking the medicament for a certain time and passively wait for some therapeutic effect, which either occurs or not. Many Russian readers of my blog have left a lot of comments like: “I am meditating for a month, when my panic attacks will go away? What shall I do? I think that nothing comes of it!”

Their mistake is that they are waiting for some instant effect and hope that the attacks will pass by themselves, once they start meditating. Undoubtedly, meditation has a strong antidepressant effect, if you do it regularly. It improves your mood, strengthens your nervous system and makes your less sensitive to stress. But its effect comes not only through this. Meditation is an effective tool to control your own mind. It gives you a valuable resource with the help of which you can manage your fears and emotions.

In order to get rid of panic attacks, you will need not only to wait every day until the attacks will finally go away due to meditation. You should not be passive; you should be active and try to exercise your willpower and control over the attacks! You will have to learn to deal with panic attacks, get rid of compulsive thoughts, not to pay attention to panic, not to identify yourself with your fears. Meditation will teach you all these.

Start meditating, watch yourself during the meditation, and try to observe your thoughts and emotions in a normal state, as you do it during the meditation. Panic attacks will pass, when you stop being afraid of them, when you learn to let your numerous fears go during the attack … They will not magically pass by themselves. This is not the easiest way. There are no quick, easy and at the same time effective ways to get rid of the panic disorder.

Remember what I have written at the beginning of the article, – the strength of panic attack depends on you, on your reaction to this attack. And if you learn to tolerate and ignore the attacks, you will win the PA. This is your first priority, use meditation as a tool for achieving this.

I cannot guarantee 100% that meditation will help all and sundry eliminate the panic attacks. Meditation is simply one of the tools for fighting against the PA, though very effective one. Therefore, do not be hung up about it. Try other safe ways of getting rid of the disease, along with meditation.

At the beginning of practice, your condition may get worse. This is normal, the same happened to me, and it should pass. If after a few weeks, it will not pass: meditate less or stop practicing at all.

Go in for sports

I have already written that in my opinion, the main PA cause is, among other things, the poor physical condition of your body. This condition occurs due to sedentary work, lack of physical activity, stress, malnutrition, disturbance of sleep and wakefulness, etc.

If you are reading the article, most likely, you suffer from panic disorder, so ask yourself: Do you ignore physical activity? How often do you get sick (for example, cold)? Do you smoke? Do you drink? Are you often troubled and worried over trifles? Do you sleep badly? Are you strongly tired? Is your lifestyle sedentary?

I’m sure that probably most of the answers to these questions will be positive. Panic attacks are directly connected to the general health of your body and your lifestyle. Those people, who do not pay enough attention to their health, became members of PA risk group.

Simply put, the PA cause is related to the health of your body, nervous system, and not only to some psychological problems, such as repressed memories and hidden complexes. Absolutely healthy people rarely suffer from PA. And if it is really the case, then you will not be able to solve the panic attacks’ problem by taking pills. Do they make you healthier? If you are too lazy to exercise, then start meditating.

But, of course, it is better to do both of them. Thus panic attacks will pass faster. Therefore, I will provide you with some pieces of advice related to the fight against PA by means of the general improvement of your body.

Remember that sport is not a panacea, but prevention! It can help some people get rid of the PA, and cannot help other ones. But if you’re not going to do the minimum physical activity, then everything will get only worse. No good mental health is present in a diseased and weakened body.

It is better to choose the sport, the activities of which take place in the open air: running, skiing, doing chinups, riding bicycle, etc. I am a big fan of running. Running is the best antidepressant. After a 40-minute run, my mood improves and anxiety recedes. There is even a term that describes the mood lifting after running: “runner’s high

Practise yoga

Some of my Russian readers have written that they are actively involved in sports for a long time, but the PA still do not pass. If sport does not help, then do some yoga. During sports activities your body gets excited, but during yoga your body and mind, on the contrary, relax, despite the fact that your muscles are working.

Yoga is not only some kind of gymnastics. First of all, it is a concentration, some work with breathing and relaxation. Yoga will be a perfect tool of fighting against the disease for those people, who suffer from panic attacks or depression.

Get rid of bad habits

Alcohol can stop the attack (however, based on my own experience, I know that you need to consume a lot of alcohol in order to achieve this purpose), but its use leads only to deterioration of your condition and increase the power of panic disorder in the long term, because of its damaging effects on your body.

I remember that panic attacks got strongly aggravated on the next day after drinking alcohol. If you are suffering from PA, this greatly increases the risk of harmful addictions’ formation and, as a consequence, your disease can get only worse.

Because you can easily get used to the source, which helps you block out the attack and feel better, such as alcohol or pills. The same can be applied to cigarettes and other drugs, which destroy the body and form favorable conditions for new attacks’ emergence. Try to reduce your coffee consumption up to the minimum.

Learn how to stop smoking.

Take a contrast shower

This procedure tones and trains your body. Since the time I started taking a contrast shower, a few years ago, I have never caught a cold! I am sure that it helps against PA as prevention. It also increases the mood, because of endorphins’ production.

Follow the sleep schedule

You should sleep on a regular basis, go to bed and wake up around the same time, get enough sleep, do not sleep too much! In fact, the sleep schedule strongly determines your health and mood. You should not neglect it. Do not treat it simply as prevention! Your sleep can have a big impact on the course of your illness.

Go to bed early (before 12-00 PM) and get up directly the alarm clock rings. Try to spend less sleepless nights from Friday to Saturday after a whole week of work! This tires your nervous system very much, and fatigue initiates the PA.

Eat healthy food

The food largely determines our body condition. Try to eat less fast food, eat less fatty meat and foods containing a lot of sugar.

Eat more vegetables, fish, chicken, fruits, berries, nuts, and seafood.

Put aside the thoughts about attacks

Try to dwell less on the attack; this is a good rule at any illness, not only at “psychological” one. Do not lose courage, relax: anxious anticipation of new attacks will only aggravate the PA. If thoughts about attacks enter your mind, do not allow their development. No need to think about them, just take your attention away, think about something else.

Every time find yourself once again bogged down in a swamp of negative thoughts and pull yourself out of there.

These thoughts may seem convincing and requiring immediate consideration, but it is just an illusion generated by your current state. Make yourself a promise that you will not think about the PA emergence. You should not get hung up on your health. No need to analyze your morale and think about how you feel. Put aside the thoughts like: “How do I feel now? Does treatment help me or not, I cannot understand?”

Relax. The less you think about your state of health, the easier it will become.

Less feel sorry for yourself and do not identify yourself with your fear

No need to think about how bad you feel, what a heavy fate came your way, how you suffer, etc. The fight against the PA requires some courage, and even some self-denial. While the pity for yourself leads to obsession with your illnesses (not just PA), and only aggravates your suffering, into which fire you pour the oil of pity. Yes, you feel bad, but – are you unable to cope with it? Remember, panic attack is just a certain physiological configuration of your body, one of many at which you feel some discomfort, and nothing more. Endure it as a headache, which will surely pass.

Do not identify yourself with panic and fear that occur during the panic attack. This fear is not a part of your personality. This fear is an illusion and deception. This is the way the panic disorder manifests itself.

Do not be on the bit of panic attacks

For example, if you planned to go to some meeting, but the attack caught you by surprise, then you should not cancel the meeting just because of the attack. Go to the meeting and behave as if you have no panic attack! This is the principle of feedback, which works very well and gives you a distinct advantage in controlling your disease.

Stop listening to PA orders, like: stay home, lie in bed and complain about how bad you feel, avoid communication and avoid crowded places. Do the opposite: walking in crowded places, attend meetings, go on dates and have a walk! Learn to face your fears! Imagine that you have no panic disorder and behave appropriately.

General tips:

  • walk more in the fresh air
  • spend less time in front of the monitor
  • move more
  • go for long walks
  • do useful work
  • read books

How to stop a panic attack quickly

Diaphragmatic breathing and other relaxation techniques

Meditation is not the only tool to fight against the panic attacks, although it is the most effective. I know that breathing exercises help cope with the PA. I have written about them in the article “How to stop being nervous.” Breathing stabilization during the attacks leads to their weakening.

Because, during these exercises, we breathe using the chest and our breathing rate accelerates. You have to do the opposite: to breathe with your stomach, using deep rhythmic tidal breathing. During this exercise you should put aside all your thoughts and focus only on your breath.

“Paper bag” method

It is a well-known method of dealing with the PA. Its essence lies in the fact that you press a paper bag against your face and breathe in out. Thus, you limit the flow of oxygen into your lungs, which are now filled with carbon dioxide. But, despite the popularity of the method, it is criticized by a number of specialists. Not only because of the fact that, doing the exercise in public, you look like a solvent abuser. Experts say that this method can only increase the attack, because of the sharp reduction of the oxygen level in the blood, and it is not recommended to use a paper bag in order to prevent the attack.

Personally I have not tried to breathe into a paper bag during the PA, but I still recommend you to trust the scientist words and instead of using a paper bag, practice the diaphragmatic breathing, which is a very effective relaxation method.

Physical trainings “take” the PA energy

Apart from the fact that sport strengthens your health, improves your well-being and your mood, because during the physical activities endorphins are emitted – it also consumes energy. Energy is required for the PA emergence. Panic attack exists due to your body’s energy resources. I advise you to pay attention to the fact that when you get tired because of physical training, the PA appears considerably less frequent, than in those moments when you have a lot of strength!

This happens because the physical activity takes away the energy, which is required for the attacks’ occurrence. I am sure that a 30-minute run in the fresh air can significantly weaken the attack – try: you will get so tired that you will forget about the attack at all! It is better to spend the energy during some sports activities, instead of wasting it on panic disorder.

Though I have not experienced the PA for a long time, I must say that sport helps me very much to relieve fatigue and stress after work. After the training, your mood greatly increases and your mind becomes clear and rested. Sport is a natural antidepressant and tonic!

Fight against the PA – Way of the Samurai

In my opinion, this is one of the most effective methods of rapid getting rid of PA. I have called this way as “Way of the Samurai,” because it requires some endurance, strong-willed training, and even some courage, but it works perfectly.

Its essence lies in the fact that at the moment of panic attacks you should not try to get distracted or somehow stop the attack, but, on the contrary, you should focus all your attention on it and try even to increase it in some way. You should practically “want” that attack would fell over you with all the power, would become a challenge for your moral stamina, as a kind of dangerous and extreme entertainment.

The difference between extreme entertainments and the attack consist in the fact that the PA is completely safe, you should understand that nothing will happen to you, no matter how it may looks like. It is like jumping off a bridge with an insurance rope. The insurance rope is reliable, your life is not in danger, but it is still scary. You have to decide and take a step. If you managed to set yourself this way, to meet the attack face-to-face with almost fierce fighting courage, then, in the first moments it will really become stronger, because you meet it half-way.

But then, the effect will be quite the opposite. No matter how funny it may sound, but a panic attack as if “takes offense” at you and walks away! “Why you are not afraid of me any longer?”, “Why you do not run away from me?”, “Why you are not afraid of going mad, where is your entire fear?” – these will ask the panic attack. (The same thing happened in “Revolver” movie by Guy Ritchie, during the elevator scene, where the main character managed to beat his fear. Watch this scene in the end of the article.)

As I said, PA is a parasite that feeds on your fears, phobias and paranoia. Stop feeding the PA! Using the method of the Samurai, you will be able to pull yourself together, focus your willpower, and control the situation, instead of capitulating cowardly in the face of some phantoms and illusions. After all, you are not in danger! You will not go mad; your heart will not stop!

What are you afraid of? Try it! This method helped me, and I have heard from other people that they, independently of me, came up with such a way of dealing with their disease and effectively directed it against the PA. But they have their own names for the method… I do realize that my thoughts will meet a lot of objections. One might think that I have not truly felt strong attack, during which it is impossible both to pull yourself together and to think and understand something.

Believe me, I was going through this. It concerns my training. After a while, when you start meditating, you will be able to control the PA in particular and all your emotions and feelings in general. They will stop hitting you, like high waves. You will have the opportunity to look at them as if from the outside, as something alien to you and, consequently, control them. Now it seems complicated and, perhaps, impossible, but believe me, it’s just a matter of practice. Nothing is impossible.

What people are mostly “liked” by the panic attack?

In conclusion, I would like to warn you that the considered by me methods related to the ways of getting rid of panic attacks, are not able to give you immediate effect and relief.

You will have to be patient and make some efforts. Do not despair, when, in spite of all your efforts, PA will continue to exist – not all at the same time. This can be especially applied to meditation and sports.

You can feel the beneficial effects of both of them only over time and only with regular training. These are not the easiest solutions, but the best and reliable ones! They will help you not only solve the PA problem. They are also able to give you much more than you expect of them: a healthy body, good mood every day, lack of stress in your life, mindfulness, a lot of strength and energy, harmony and balance.

Remember the philosopher’s words: “What does not kill us makes us stronger.” This is a correct statement in some way, but it has some limitations. I would specify it by saying: “What does not kill us can make us stronger, but it can make us weaker as well.” I want to say that prolonged panic attacks can greatly demoralize you, in case you strongly dramatize and feel sorry for yourself.

But with the right attitude towards the PA, this not the most pleasant ailment can be your excellent school of managing your feelings, i.e. making you stronger. The one, who passed through panic attacks meat grinder and coped with the attacks independently, is able to handle his life’s challenges much better and reacts to paltry failures less, than those who did not experience these attacks and were not able to face the “extreme” mental states.

Do not allow the PA to break you, let them make you stronger! Remember, the best psychotherapists and the most modern medicines will fail to help you, until you want it by yourself! Just as seeds of different plants prefer different soil, the panic attacks can grow within a certain mental order. Panic disorder likes laziness, lack of initiative, tendency to complain and suffer, lack of courage, poor health, lack of willpower and ignorance…

There is also a mental order, which will be disastrous for panic attacks! This order includes spiritual strength, courage, willpower, self-denial, a positive view of things, willingness to take responsibility, ability to endure stoically failures and a sound mind.

There are no easy ways of getting rid of panic attacks. Your task is to cultivate your attitude to the attacks, which corresponds to the disastrous mental order for the disease. Look your fears in the eye, learn to control your anxiety, control your thoughts, and do not simply wait when the attack will pass thanks to some miracle.

Watch the Revolver movie scene! Remember! Your fear is NOT YOU!


  • Great article and techniques. I hope many people will benefit from this page.

  • Is it okay if I can run on a treadmill for now becouse where I live there’s alot of snow and I can’t run outside

  • Isaac, yes, It is totally okay.

    And I recommend skiing for you. I am from Russia and here is also a lot of snow. I enjoy skiing!

  • Thanx for your article I can relate to every single thing you said I struggled a lot with this disorder until I was able to live with it for long enough to understand it more , it has only been 4 months for me but I have already got rid of a lot of the symptoms as soon as I read the part about the hazy vision and not being able to focus on one thing it made me feel better immediately because despite the fact that I was sure it was panic disorder in the back of my mind I still thought there was a chance I was going crazy or that I had some sort of brain damage , did you also have some short term memory loss and panic about that? Thank you again for the article , I haven’t tried meditation but I will be sure to try it

  • Jamie, Hello

    No, I didn’t have short term memory loss. Maybe it can be related to panic disorder, maybe not. Of course, It is better to go to doctor to be sure you have nothing except panic attacks. If it comes out to be so, relax, you were diagnosed and you have no serious problems. Clarify this fact inside your mind and don’t go further with your thoughts (like “what if I have some unknown mental disease, doctors can’t find” – stop it) The fact is, you have nothing except panic attacks (Judging on my experience of communication with people with panic attacks almost all of them weren’t diagnosed with some mental diseases like schizophrenia. They had only panic attacks, or depression.) Even if you have something except panic disorder, you could do nothing with it by constantly thinking of it.

    Meditate, go in for sport, do yoga, relax. Do everything to fight with this. And be ready to face everything that comes next. Accept your feeling and fears. If fear comes – so be it. You are already in this boat, you are rowing towards the shore but you could do nothing with waves covering you. The waves are your fears, rowing is meditation, sports etc. You could do nothing except you can do. What happens, happens.

    I hope this idea is clear)

  • Ariel

    “Why” is not the right question.

    The right question is what to do with this.

  • Ariel, meditate, go in for sport, learn relaxation techniques, relax whole body before going to sleep…

  • Can you please help me with the increase in heart rate becouse I don’t know what to do anymore I do the breathing method but I feel so light headed becouse my heart rate is going to fast. Do you have any other tips to help me with my increase in heart rate

  • The Way of the Samurai helps me a lot. Thank you. The best article for panic attack sufferer in the Internet I’ve ever seen.

  • Ginger, first of all you have to be sure that increased heart rate is related to panic disorder an you heart is ok. Visit doctor for that purpose. Then if it is ok, try to ignore the fact your heart beats fast. Or you can get into a vicious circle: your heart rate increases, you begin to worry and your heart rate increases again and you worry more and so on.
    Think less about your heart. It beats fast, and so what? If it is a panic attack, you are not going to die of it. Your aim is not to slow your heart down, but to forget about it. If you do, then yout heart will slow and you will not even notice it. And do stomack breathing of course

  • And by the way how did you get your anxiety like what were you afraid of. For
    Me I’m afraid of getting bad diseases and dying in a young age

  • Ginger, If you want to get rid of fears, your aim is not only to stop being afraid of objects of your fear (death, disease, etc.), but to stop being afraid of your fears themselves! Fear is just a sense, don’t identify yourself with it, face it and be aware of it. Meditation will help you with this.

  • Thank you so much! And one more question. How can I control these bad thoughts and feelings, it’s so hard to control them

  • Ginger

    To control these thoughts and feelings you have to put away the desire to control them. It is paradoxical, but I’ll explain. If you try to control them with your willpower, they will be returning back constantly. You have to accept them, let them be. Just don’t react to these thoughts. Do not be drawn in them. React to them as you may react to broken flashing indicator inside your car. Indicator tells you that something is broken, but you know the only thing which is broken is indicator and you car is ok.

    These thoughts and feelings are illusions (like broken indicators). Do not pay attention to them. When they come (and they WILL come) just gently direct your attention somewhere else. Do not “argue” with these thoughts, just ignore them. Don’t think about how bad is that they return. They return it is ok. Be indifferent to them. Then you will deprive the emotional essence of these thoughts and they will go away, and you will not notice how it happened!

    Let go all your desires to control something. It is hard to explain, but meditation will also teach you to do this.

  • Excellent article! Fantastic points and a great reminder to someone who suffered in the past and had all the tools to deal with it but regressed. I am learning Transcendental Meditation soon and getting back in shape. The bit about the Samurai technique is so true, try as you may you simply cannot make a panic attack worse, its almost comical when you try because you have no clue how to…lol. Thanks again, excellent!

  • Jake, the thing is, if you focus your attention on panic attack and stop resisting your fear: thinking “c’mon, show me all you can”, the attack can get stronger for short time, but you will see that there is nothing to fear inside panic attack. You will understand that it is just a transient feeling, and you don’t have to fear your fear. Youк brain will remember this reaction and it will become easier for him to fear less panic attack. The less you brain fears them the weaker the attacks become.

  • Thank you so much for this article. I literally had a panic attack before I found this article. I’ve had panic attacks many times before and I didn’t understand what it was or why it was happening to me. I didn’t even understand WHAT was happening to me. I was so scared, I went online to see if I can call a panic attack hotline. To which I didn’t find but I found this article. And it’s helped me understand so much. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! I can’t wait to overcome this panic disorder. All symptoms and points in this article was 100% on point. I feel so refreshed and renewed.

  • Sam X, thank you. But of course you will not able to overcome panic disorder by simply reading this article – this is only your first little step. You will have to perform hard work. Meditate.

  • My problem is palpitations… First I had panic attacks and then palpitations… It’s a vicious cycle… I did all the tests in cardiologists and there is no pathological reason about them… They told me its anxiety… I cut down caffeine and I don’t want to take pills… We’ll done for your article it’s very helpful… I try so hard and I do counseling behavioural therapy… I will have palpitations forever? Even if I don’t have them I wait for them… I want to go for work in the tourist season and I can’t because I’m so afraid. I’m from an island and now I’m in the city… I’m afraid to go for work there because I will work every day it’s tourist season and I will get tired and my palps will be worst and I will not be able to deal with them… I will have them forever? I’m afraid even to go for a drink….:-(

  • Hello, fotini:

    “It’s a vicious cycle” Yes, it’s true!

    “I try so hard”

    Well, you do right, but, don’t really try so hard. Your mistake lies in a strong desire to get rid of the palpitations. You think: “oh it’s so bad, when will it be over.” You make an emotional reaction towards your palpitations and that’s getting things worse. Remember, vicious circle? So relax, do therapy, do yoga, do meditation, but don’t really do hard, don’t think all the time of getting rid of it live your life.

    “I will have palpitations forever?”

    It is completely useless, or even harmful question. Nobody can give an answer to you on it. But as you keep asking: “when”, “why” you only increase your anxiety. You will get rid of palpitation, go out of vicious circle only when you will begin to think: “If I will have this thing forever, so be it, I don’t care” This is the only way out from vicious circle, a little more indifference towards yourself, less fear and emotional reactions. Palpitations? So what? What is so scary about it? Nothing. Don’t try to control it, or to get rid of the attack, just let it be. If it comes it comes. So be it. Accept it. Try the samurai method.

    “I’m afraid to go for work there because I will work every day it’s tourist season and I will get tired and my palps will be worst and I will not be able to deal with them… I will have them forever? I’m afraid even to go for a drink….:-(”

    Mistake. You have to go for a walk, to go to a job. You have to do things you fear most. The only way to get rid of fear is to stop being afraid of fear. Not just removing the object of fear (work, people etc.) You will have to face your fears. You are afraid? So what? What is so big thing about it? Nothing! Fear is only a sense. It is not going to kill you. Just an illusion.

  • fotini

    PS. MEDITATE! and learn to cope with your thoughts and fears through meditation.

  • Hey guys! You know why panic attacks and fears are so big problems nowadays. Why do many people can’t find a way to get rid of it. Because they think: “If I fear something, I shall remove it from my life. If fear comes, than something bad is happening. I shall trust my feelings and obey them.”


    You mustn’t trust all your feelings especially fear during panic attack! Do what you want, but not that fear tells you. If all the people with panic attacks will understand this easy principle, the thing will get much easier.

  • “Hyperventilation leads to CO2 (carbon monoxide) level reduction in the lungs and then into the blood.”

    Carbon Dioxide not Monoxide.

  • Enjoyed the article overall. Its bookmarked on my computer so I can re read it. Breaking the fear cycle is my first priority. My personal problem with panic disorder is caused from my fear of heart attack, stroke, etc. I can pull a shoulder muscle at work and forget about it until later that evening and then start dwelling on that classic left arm pain of an impending heart attack. My 52 yr old body is starting to offer up a few new pains here and there, and each pain tends to stoke the fire of anxiety. My already over stimulated anxiety from wage loss, and lack of health insurance tends to get amplified when the pains arrive. Understanding my trigger is not enough for me to instantly solve this, but it does give me a path to healing. I am eating healthier and making better lifestyle choices. I am also moving forward on health insurance and will be able to have my pain triggers diagnosed correctly.
    The health-related triggers are most difficult panic attacks for me, since they tend to drag on for so long. The social or claustrophobic triggers also happen, but those attacks are over fairly quick and can be managed.

  • David, thank you. Dioxide – right. Yes, health insurance if a good thing, you should be diagnosed fully. But don’t over-think about your health. And that includes not only the work with your health, but also a work on your thinking, on not being mentaly attached to your health condition.

  • This is the best information i have had about panic attacks lately…
    Honestly i am so relieved to read the portions that are directy linked to my condition…
    My greatest fear of PA is death in a very young age…
    I have a blurred vision most of the times , maybe because i quit smoking recently…
    But the first panc attack i had was the most intense , i didnt know what waS happening to me , all that occured to me was i am getting a heart attack…
    My blood pressure rose to a maximum level and my heart started bursting out ofthe chest…
    I just loved the way u expressed eerything about PA In ur article , it defines the conition ao perfectly , great job admin !!

  • Hi thank you for this article. Very good explanation on how to deal with this disorder. I have it since a few months. I did the samourai method serveral times…I was even in a play on stage 15 times, each time being afraid of getting a PA on stage, i was very afraid, but I continued, I stayed, I survived and after 10 times fear lost its grip over me. What I want to say to everyone here is that you can do this! But it takes time, your brain is in a stressed state, and it remembers the PA. Each time you come in a simular situation or thinking pattern your brain just wants to protect you want makes you scared. This is however not useful, not helpful. Fortunately somewhere inside yourself you know this. So the only thing you have to deal with is the feeling itself, be kind to it, the thoughts are fantasy, or just a method of your brain to find an explanation for the fear…which is not there, because it is a reactive, dumb brain wave. it is therefor very important to be kind to yourself. It is just your brain trying to help and protect you. And for me it was good to take a break from everything first, to relax, feel safe, and be kind to myself, and cure myself step by step. So I would say, if you really don’t want to go and do all the scary stuff, then don’t, only do it when you are ready to cure yourself. And be proud of yourself when you do this. Rewiring your brain takes time but it can be done!!


  • I simply want to add that I had a rebound with panic attacks after having none for 10 years!! Panic attacks or anxiety are not diseases. Something doesn’t click right mentally and the nauseating feelings may last hours, days, and sadly sometimes longer. I had my first set of panic attacks as a child when my brother passed away in a car accident. I went to the emergency room and the nurse simply said I was congested and had trouble breathing. I believed that and moved on. 10 years later, when I entered college, I had panic attacks for several nights. I googleg my symptoms, found out it was mental and moved on. Now, 10 years later, after getting married and moving with my husband, my anxiety came back. I was given xanax, have used it a few days, and stop because I know it’s mental, probably dealing with change in my life. I’ll get over it again and be anxiety free for at least 10 more years.

    Point is, you’ll get over it; during these 10 years I didn’t even thing of anxiety or panic attacks. I was a perfectly normal and supremely happy human being. It is possible to get over anxiety. Good luck : )

  • Mine is a strange case. It seems that the more I meditate, the more panic attacks I am getting. I can be meditating very deeply one minute and a short time later,. a panic attack.

    Maybe I need to get rid of the excess energy I am generating by meditating.

  • Jenny, nice=)

    Actually your case is usual, not strange. When I became meditating my panic become worse too (And many of my readers experience is the same). And I should say that this is a good sign (yes it sound odd). It means that meditation works, and one of the side of it’s work is the release of ‘energy’ (emotions, feelings whatever) hidden inside you, and negative emotions also. Everything that was suppressed now comes on the surface. It’s not a very pleasant experience, but it’s very useful, it frees you of negative energy.

    Now your task is just to observe this energy during meditation, let it release, don’t do anything with it, just observe it from the sideline and don’t identify yourself with it. This is the only way to deal with it. Don’t run away, just let it pass. Don’t get involved in it, but stay close to it, don’t try to suppress, accept it. When you notice that your thoughts are directed to thinking like: “oh so bad, I am feeling panic again” just gently redirect your attention back to breathing/mantra.

    You are on your way to liberation=)

  • Ah, and I have to add that panic became worse only for some period of time. After it my condition started to get better.

  • I suffered from horrendous panic attacks for a number of years. They were continuous, I felt as though my body had lost the rhythm of breathing. Instead of just breathing I had to think ‘breathe’. The attacks were day and night, at home, in crowds, everywhere. I was almost suicidal as I had no peace anywhere. With hindsight,the PAs were largely caused by my being trapped in an abusive marriage and not looking after myself properly- but even when I was on my own, I then felt helpless.
    Well, the good news is that I did overcome the PAs, it took years of trying everything but medication. Ultimately I had to find my strength and live for myself, and control the adrenalin in my body. Everyone will find their own path. If this gives anyone any hope- I went back to university (even with two young children) , retrained and did what I wanted and what was right for me. 20 years later I am a successful professional and live a challenging, mostly happy life. If ever I get a twinge of a PA (and sometimes I do) I realize that my body is telling me I need to do things differently and look after ME. So- once I had realized why I was having the PAs, it was the first step towards getting rid of them. For me, the physical signs were just a symptom of the real problem, I dont think you have them for no reason, it’s your body’s way of telling you something is wrong in your life.
    I used a lot of visualisation, mantras, breathing, counselling but I found no magic bullet- just believe in yourself and your ability to get the better life you deserve!

  • Elles S

    “it’s your body’s way of telling you something is wrong in your life.”

    Yes, it’s right! So consider panic attacks or depression as a chance to change something within you. It’s not a curse, it’s telling you something important.

    Meditation is not a magic bullet, if you consider it so, you will not benefit from it greatly. It is just an instrument but a powerful one.

  • Elle- your comment is very inspiring. Thank you.

    Nikolay, this article is great. I had my first PA while in law school. They went away with medication and I thought I was “cured.” Then, 3 years later, they came back after I suffered a personal loss and was in a very stressful situation for prolonged time. I got myself out of the situation, and have gotten somewhat better, but am still struggling with them. I want to do this right this time, not cover up the symptoms only.

    I have great days and then I have a PA that makes me feel like I’m back at square one. I know I need to accept that it’s okay to have them and be okay with having them forever, but that thought is very disturbing to me. I hate feeling like I do after I’ve had a bad panic attack and the thought of feeling like that forever really scares me. One of my fears is, like you said, the fear that it will get so bad I will hurt myself. That thought also really scares me. I suppose if it is that scary it means I would never do it. Also, as you said, these irrational thoughts are caused by chemicals (adrenaline) and are artificial. That helps a little. Any additional hell to conquer the thought “I will always be like this” would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks so much.

  • George,

    The only way to conquer the thought: “I will always be like this” is to accept the possibility that you always be like this! I am not tlaking of some humility! I myself got rid of panic attacks only when I became more indifferent towards my emotions, I thought: “If I will always be like this, so be it, if I can’t do anything about it, what’s the point of suffering?” And it was a real progress of fighting with PA’s.

    You can’t handle with that thought because you react to it. Stop reacting, accept and it will go away. Keep meditating, meditation will help you to break painful attachments (reactions) to your thoughts and emotions. This is what you need: learn how not to react with fear.

  • Thank you for your response. I absolutely need to stop reacting. It’s very easy to do when I feel fine, and of course, tougher to do when I don’t feel good.

    Do you believe that the thoughts we get when we feel panicky are all irrational? Is this because they are produced by adrenaline?

    The other thing I struggle with is ” looking over my shoulder” or anticipating to feel bad again even when i feel good. Some times I think, ok I feel good, but when is it going to come? How am I feeling now? Do I have any symptoms? Then sure enough, the symptoms come later. How do I stop obsessing about this?

  • Excellent article. Glad that I chanced upon this article while searching for managing panic attacks without medication. Though I do have panic attacks in much milder form and I could still continue to carry on with my normal routine, it had me with very bad feeling. The funny part was even though I knew my fears were unfounded, the it could not relax as I kept on reacting to negative thoughts or fears. After reading your article, I realized that instead of dealing with my fears, I was reacting to the objects of the fear and my feeling on the fear (palpitations, choking etc.), that made the things worse. Now that I have learnt to deal with my fear, instead of my feelings and I can already see some improvement in managing the attacks as I am able to relax now. Samurai method also helps and so is meditation. Thanks once again for your excellent article, I have already bookmarked it and will refer to your other articles as well.

  • George, these thoughts are not complacently irrational. First they are exaggerated. It is natural to worry about our health. But during anxiety these thoughts can be paranoiac. For example you have some decease, in normal mood you think: “oh it’s ok it’s not so serious” (and it’s true) but in panic mood you think^ “oh I am going die of it. Maybe it’s not usual cold but something more serious”

    Second these thoughts are unconstructive. They don’t lead to solving any problem. What you going achieve by constantly thinking about your symptoms? More anxiety! It’s not the main question are thay rational or not. The main question is, are they going to help you.

    “The other thing I struggle with is ” looking over my shoulder” or anticipating to feel bad again even when i feel good.”

    Oh yeah I understand it. I had this in the end of my PA period. It was really nightmare, worse than PA’S!

    You can read my article on this:

    And meditate of course.

  • First of all this article has been very helpful thankyou. I had my first PA around 2004. I got married in 2006 and was “cured” from PA. Unfortunetly I tried a Marihuana brownie about a week ago and had a horrible experience, i had a massive PA and kind of brought my body back to “remembering” these attacks. Since then i have been very anxious but all day, its like being nervous all day, with no appetite, shaky and at time getting heart palpitations, but no “real” PA. My question is, am I experiencing anxiety or some form of PA? I wish i can take that moment back and have not eaten that brownie, i was perfectly fine. I have 2 little girls and need to get rid of this problem, in order to function properly. Its not about me anymore, i wish this nausiating, shaky, wierd feeling would just leave again! Any advice is greatly taken..

  • Meli

    You wasn’t “cured” if you were brought back to PA only by eating brownie with pot. It was just a temporary remission, and brownie was just a trigger for PA to come back. Everything could be a trigger: stress, change of life, new experience etc. not only pot. So if you react dramatically to PA coming back it means you weren’t cured. To get cured you should learn to manage your PA’s, to calmly accept them, to get rid of anxious thoughts. And if you do that no sudden stress can trigger new attacks. Meditate.

  • Hi, thanks so much for helping, I must tell you my story and is it normal for my age I’m 14 and struggling because my parents are going to divorce, I was on my phone and I just got a feeling of dizziness my heart started to pound and I felt as if I was going to die. Was this a panic attack or something else? I can barely go to sleep without the thought of dying please reply, thanks.

  • jack it’s probably a panic attack. Nothing serious. But better consult a doctor.

  • hi,i personally i am very grateful for this article i suffer from panic attacks for a month or two now and still struggling to eradicate,i also experience this feeling of fear of going to die and i fear to go outside or to be left alone,i am in a committed relationship and start to feel better but i fear having sex with my partner can worsen PA? please help and one more thing, with PA is it common to feel like chili powder coming through the nose and choke in the throat that i cough sometimes like i am being choked?

  • hi Sandy

    Fears and PA are interconnected your fears cause PA, your PA cause fears that cause more PA. Like vicious cicle. You have to work with your fears. Meditate. I don’t know about chili powder feeling. Better consult a doctor.

  • Hi! That’s a great article! Can you please give us your website or if it’s possible your email, so we can get more information in Russian language! Thank you a lot!

  • I meditated for two months already… but I don’t see these emotions on cushion. But when off cushion I have all these worries and fear…. :’(

  • Jeffrey, meditation is not for instantly removing fears or to avoiding them. It is for accepting them, observing them, stop identifying with them, not paying much attention to them and avoiding negative reaction to them (just welcoming them calmly). And removing PA through these things, not just directly. It will involve your work.

    Meditation is not a magical pill, it’s an instrument, with the help of which you can learn to deal effectively with your panic and fear, to discover new psychic patterns instead of old ones which increased your panic . Pills remove fears instantly, that is why they ineffective: they don’t give a chance to work with them.

    Pls read this article:

  • Hi,
    I have had PA off and on for 20 years. They always return after a period of stress. I have used more or less the same techniques to cope, you describe here but I must say I like your Samurai method the best and most powerful. It is the exact opposite of what you feel like doing! I had a bad attack few nights ago in the middle of the nigh to the point I was considering driving to the emergency room. Then I decided to try and “surrender” and face my fears. Guess what? nothing happened to me! I even fell asleep half an hour after the attack!! Did not have a single attack since then.
    Very well written information. Your website gives hope to a lot of people, it is good to read this information from an ex-sufferer. I wish psychiatrists would read this in an effort to really help people.
    Thank you

  • Very good article but i find some PA’s are worse than others. Mine is accompanied by nausea and often diahrrea , sweating, feeling faint and the pounding rapid heart rate all at one time. Sometimes laying quiet and still in the bed helps. I practice this everyday, as well as breathing exercises, i go for long walks and keep myself busy. But i find i’m just coping with PA’s in my life, it is not getting rid of them. I tried medication from the doctor as well and it had a terrible adverse affect on me, with the most horrible side affects ever. I fear bedtime, cos i have my panic attacks at night. I went 14 weeks without one, but now that it has returned, i feel so sad. I felt on top of the world and now i’m back to square one. I really don’t want this to be happening for the rest of my life. Sometimes i do feel brave and let the panic attack happen, and it could be gone in 30 seconds, but other night i can’t help but be in total fear and totally traumatised. I really wish i knew what to do but i won’t give up :(

  • Prevet (Hi) Nikolay and All,

    I just wanted to say that everything that Nikolay has wrote is 100% true. Basically, in order to get to the good you must go through the bad.

    I had my first PA back in November on the train. I remember at the time I was living a very sedative lifestyle, bad diet, hated my job, and I was very bored with everything. I was uninspired and didn’t want to try anything new. This eventually led me to my PA obsession after experiencing an attack. I was so confused and afraid and pissed. “How could something like this happen to me”? I always had control of my mind. “only crazy people go through this” is what I kept saying to myself. Please understand just like Nikolay has said that you are not going crazy. Believe it or not, this is all happening for the GOOD. When you get over PA you will be appreciative of going through it. The reason why I say that is because as you are trying to beat PA your are retraining your brain for the best. The first step to beating PA is acknowledging that you have had a PA and nothing else. From there, everything you do is for the best – even when on the shitty days it doesn’t feel like it. I promise you this, you will have good days and you will have shitty days. You will have times when you feel like you took one step forward then took 5 steps back. It happens. But just keep in mind that it is a process. But so is everything else in life :)))

    Just so you don’t think you’re going crazy, this explanation helped me a lot and this will also help you. PA stems from faulty thinking. From unnecessary worry and irrational fears. Think of your nervous system as a glass. Overtime you fill the glass up with fears, worries, stress, etc… once that glass is filled, it begins to overflow. The overflow is the PA. But remember once the overflow ends, you begin again. But not with an empty glass this time…

    One of the hardest parts for me was to stop thinking about thinking about PA and how it happened to me. and Why me?! I decided to let myself keep thinking it as long as i wanted to and i knew that eventually i would get bored of it. Everyone gets bored of things. The good and the bad.

    Another thing that helped was talk therapy. If you can’t afford a physcotherapist (does not prescribe meds) please go talk to a random stranger who looks like he/she is willing to help. Talk your heart out. Tell them everything. If they look at you like you’re weird… so what?? they are just a stranger. Letting everything out of my head with words was very big for me.

    To cut this long story short… i promise each and everyone of you that if you do not take medication and just accept the fact that you have this issue now and it will eventually go away… it will truly go away! Remember, nothing in life is forever.

  • Ladyhawk, thank you! Nice to read comments like yours! I hope I can help a lot of people too!=))

  • Rob, Privet=) Thank you for your comment! I am absolutely agree with everything you said (except maybe talking to a stranger, because you can hang up on talking, complaining and it will mean surrendering to panic and feeling bad). But in some cases it may help, why not?=)))

    Have a good day!=))

  • Nikolay, thanks for the reply.
    “meditation is not for instantly removing fears or to avoiding them” – I agree with what you say 100%. At times the fear is quite overwhelming in my daily life, I felt that I have not been feeling worthless… and that the light at the end of tunnel is so far….

  • Nikolay – is there anyway to contact you privately? Skype or other applications? Thanks

  • hello admin, i really suffering from panic disorder since 3 years, i am using medicine too. i am having propranolol(hypernol) medicine regularly. i am so glad to see your article, which is so useful for suffering from panic attacks. but i want to ask to you one question. i have not any improve in my attacks, although i always drink alchohal. so what is the best idea to improve quickly from panic attacks? i can’t speak properly to others even my family too. in the situation of talking to others i lose my hope n can’t speak good weight of words. only when i drunk, that time i got a lot of hope, otherwise i can’t speak. so please help me to rid this problem. from today i also conduct this article.

  • Hi Manesh

    “what is the best idea to improve quickly from panic attacks?”

    There are no quick fixes. Only regular work will do it’s best in a long run.

  • Sir, amazing article, will definitely put into practise the meditation.
    I’m 20 and my feelings are well unreality, dizziness and when I’m about to fall asleep I jolt and wake up every night. I’m very scared of those feelings happening every day which is why I cant conquer them I guess, the scene was great btw…when the man said fear me oh man that’s what I feel. Any suggestions? Sometimes I feel I’m different, or im gonna die or going crazy. I know I can beat this, I just need some help…Ricardo

  • Hi Riacrdo

    My advice for you is patience. Do sports, meditation, yoga, but don’t wait for instant cure. Learn not to be scared of attacks, they are not dangerous, it’s just a sense of fear, adrenaline release. What’s so scary about that feeling? Try to perceive it like free roler-coaster! I know it is hard when you have PA’s but meditation will lead to that. Read my article:

  • This page is amazing. I have learned a lot, including now knowing I am not alone with certain symptoms.
    I would love to talk/chat with some of you sometime (Skype or email).

  • does anyone ever exsperiance those bad days where there chest hurts really bad like a heart attack and cant stop it and you feel as if you really cant breath no matter what you do and all you think is am i going to die or will it go away and you have nothing but fear cause it seems like it will last forever that is how i feel right now i want to make them go away but sometimes it just feels like they wont and ill feel like this forever and im going to go crazy or die or never breath agian

  • Hi Guys !

    I had my first PA when I had a blur vision and thought I gonna lose my eye sight. I was so terrified went to this Emergency. The Doc told me that sometimes the brain does not process the visual right or it could be migraine.
    I thought so terrified with my brain not processing that I had my PA. It was not just PA. It was A FULL BLOWN PANICK ATTACK. I was running from one room to another and did not know what is happening to me. Did not sleep the whole night and the next day I had Brain Fog, memory loss, fear and lost hope. After some time I started feeling depersonalization and derealization episode.
    Anyway I was so terrified that I did not go out alone, lost my job and what not. But slowly I took control of my life and pushed myself everyday to go out. I did not have any attack after that day but every day you have to kill it. The mantra is take one day at a time and accept and be involved in a lot of activities and be away from home.

  • Hey Nikolay I really love your article but I still can’t get the fear of siezures out of my head I have mediated for month and it worked but unfortunately the fear came back stronger. Can you please help me out with this I feel hopeless. Thank you

  • I’ve done meditation for a year and I have been in sports for the same amount of time and i still feel that I’m living in a dream and everything isn’t real

  • Hi, im struggling with anxiety and panick attacks after had a reaction with horrible palpitations and high bp after eatting ginger, it happened twice, and after the 2nd tine i ended up in hosp by ambulance, ever sice im scared of food, everytime i eat i get a lump in my throat, get dizzy, im scared to eat alone @ home, its terrible, i cant go into a grocerystore or in a restaurant, maybe i got ginger sensitivity i dobt know, but every time i eatbit, it speeds up ny heart rate like crazy, i also have a 4 mo old baby, and i used to drink ginger tea while i was pregnant and i was fine, im struggling so much with this, and wanna get rid of this fear!

  • Jon, the purpose of meditation is not to supress fear, but to accept fear, stop identifying yourself with it, stop reacting to it. And when you learn it, the fear will be gone.

  • Ben you have to stop being anxious about seeing everything as a dream. One of theories tells that this feeling is connected with anxiety. When anxiety will be gone, there will be no feeling of unreality.

  • I have had my first pa about 30 years ago and they haven’t been to bad until recently. I have one nearly every day now It only happens if i meet someone i know when im out or if someone unexpected knocks on the door. Its very embarrassing having a pa infront of someone for no apparent reason.please help :-)

  • I have sounds induced PA about 8 years ago. I manage to get rid of it by ignoring it and do meditations. Recently, I was very sick and couldn’t do what I want to do for months. I got so depress. I later then got jealous of hearing noises outside where people can enjoy playing and do whatever they want. And later on, my sounds induced PA is back.

    But now I came across your websites. I had tried your Samurai method and it work pretty well. I did say if combine with medication, you can totally eradicate it.

    Think about it, if you cure it by ignoring and meditation. After about several years, you encounter some sort of great depression and it came back, that is not consider as cure.

    So, I did say that the best way is embrace it, love it and use it to your advantageous. It will later on be so afraid of to be used by you. Then bored of you.

  • I still don’t understand what you mean by it. I had this fear for over 6 years because I’ve seen it happen to one of my family members and now it’s still stuck with me till today

  • Leonard

    “So, I did say that the best way is embrace it, love it and use it to your advantageous. It will later on be so afraid of to be used by you. Then bored of you.”

    Ye! This is totally true!

  • Ben

    Fear creates more fears. So you should do the opposite, love the fear and use it to your advantageous (It is there for a reason.). Example: You fear of something wrong will happen to your family. So the fear give you adrenaline rush. You then try to think ” Thank you fear for letting me know and now I need your power to do something for my family”. So you purposely love it, want more and try to trigger more adrenaline rush. Then by this adrenaline rush, it makes you so alert that you can do whatever you want, you will never feel bored. After a while, just forget about it and try not to remember it. You shouldn’t anticipate it coming. If you are anticipating it coming then you are fear of it coming back again. Then fear will create more fears. So yet, forgot about it and meditate.

    Nikolay Perov
    Thank you for your acknowledgement :)

  • I still don’t understand what you mean by it. I had this fear for over 6 years because I’ve seen it happen to one of my family members and now it’s still stuck with me till today

  • Im not sure really how to begin , I feel like im constantly having a pa. And nothing I do takes care of it, yes im sure. Theres meds but I dont want to be dependent on a medication the rest of my life, I want to do this myself, please help me, I constantly feel anxiety and I need help to stop these so I can take control of my life… because o f right now the pas are taking over my hole life right now. ? Please help me ASAP. ? Thanks, brandie

  • I have had a few panic attacks in the past few months, about one per month but they have started to subside slowly, one question, i do struggle day to day with not feeling 100 percent aware and mentally sharp whoch goes along with your symptom of seeing the world in a “haze”. I believe thats whats happening to me, its similar to having a few drinks and not being able to clearly view the world in front of you 100 percent, can you conform that feeling?

  • This article made me feel much more relieved. I’m 16 years old and I started getting panick attacks in grade 10 and it was really bad during school and then as school was coming to an end it went away. During all of summer break I even forgot about panick attacks. Then grade 11 came around and I started getting them agian and I don’t want it to be a continuous cycle. I’m currently at home and I havent been to school in 2 weeks because I’m terrified to go to school and I tried going today but as soon as I stepped in the school I had a panick attack and came home. I really want to get homeschooled because I don’t want this to effect my education. I’m a good student and get good grades and have plans for the future and all I can think about is my anxiety taking control of my life.

  • Hi John

    I have read that this feeling is strongly connected with anxiety. Cure anxiety = derealization will gone. But if you feel anxious about that feeling it will get worse.

  • This was a really great article:) I’m going to start practicing these techniques right away:) Thank you so much for sharing! It’s nice to know I’m not alone and I can conquer this thing:)

  • I thought I was alone, that I had the worst case of anxiety, and that I truly was going to die from it. ive been the Dr, Ive been to the ER, I tried pills, I tired no pills, I tried swimming, yoga, and therapy. it has been 15 years of debilitating anxiety, and then I found this posting. To hear the symptoms are the same for others, is a relief just in its self.
    But what gives me hope in fighting this was reading your article, especially the section of comparing PA to parasites. I have never been told or thought of PA in this way before, and I can already see how it can help. I stopped exercising in public years ago with the worry of what if I get another attack in public….so that needs to go away and I need to get back out there again. I think I will find the courage to do this! Thank you.

  • Hi,

    in my opinion, you have basically 2 options:

    1) you could use pills prescribed by your doctor, drink tea which will help you to relax and hence calm down your nervous system, try to avoid food and drinks which turn your nervous system on, or similar stuff. All those things will help you, either completely, or only partially. However, all of these options are only trying to ease the symptoms of the problem, only diminishing the effects. No one of these options is really trying to get down to the cause of the problem, the root of the problem. Using pills, etc. will help, but will hide the real cause of the problem from you.

    2) find out what exactly is the cause of the problem and then remove the cause.

    In our western society, in our health care systems, most of the doctors normally don’t really have enough time to find out the real causes of illnesses. It’s much easier to subscribe pills to the patient, which will probably remove the symptoms/effects and that’s it. And the drug corporations are happy about that.
    It takes more time to figure out the real cause.

    You probably know that our mind is like a huge iceberg floting in the water. We can see about 10% of the iceberg above the water surface. That would be a conscious part of our mind, the one we have an easy access to. But a much bigger part, about 90% of the iceberg, is under the water surface, somewhat hidden.. That would be, what’s called, subconscious part of mind, or shortly subconscious.
    Subconscious is huge, and has many levels. Like instict to be one of the lowest levels, and memory, habits, etc. being somewhere above that.
    We are using our subconsious a lot every day without even realizing. For example when we walk every day. It’s something normally completely done by subconscious. You can try to move muscles on your legs consciously or willingly, while realizing every movement, but it will feel awkward, and you’ll be much slower. Walking is not something which we were born with (it’s not an instinct) either, as we couldn’t walk after we were born, but it took a lot of conscious learning and memorizing and then, when we mastered it, it was gradually moved to subconscious.
    Subconsious is huge. It contains all the memories. It is where our dreams take place. And it surely contains also the real cause of your problems, it surely knows about it. It might be some concrete memory, it might be some detrimental though which lasts, it might be some conflict hidden in the inner mind. We are all different, and we all have some problems. And finding the root of the problem requires some learning about yourself. What makes you tick.
    Once you find the real cause of the problem, once you can see it, it’s much easier to deal with it and fix it.
    Now, obviously the main question here would be: how can I find out what is in my subconscious.

    I would advise you to read a book written by Leslie LeCron – Self-Hypnotism: The Techniques and Its Use in Daily Living (Reward classics). You can get it in the library or buy it used for a few bucks, for example here amazon. com/Self-Hypnotism-Techniques-Daily-Living/dp/0138033390/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1431206724&sr=8-1&keywords=Self-Hypnotism%3A+The+Techniques+and+Its+Use+in+Daily+Living+%28Reward+classics%29

    Leslie Lecron, a very good psychotherapist, wrote this book in the 1960′s, and it’s still supposed to be one of the best books written on the subject: how to see what’s in my subconscious. Don’t let the name of the book, a word self-hypnotism, scare you off. The chapters 1, 2 and 3 will tell you about how subsconscious works and offers some methods on how to see what’s in there.
    I’m only halfway through the book yet and I have to admit, this is one of the most powerful books I’ve ever read.

    But only reading a book is not enough. You have to be determined to take an action, to do something about it. It takes an effort, but things will improve.
    And the worst case scenario is that you’ll get more knowledge about yourself.

    Have a beautiful day.

  • Thanks for the info. One problem. I have chest pains ( neck shoulder and back tension ) but the chest pains are the hardest to deal with. It’s been 5-6 months coping with Panic Disorder and Anxiety. My fears are in control. But I only fear chest pain and a heart problem. I have been in for an ECG. And the Doc said everything is fine. And it’s better than normal. I am visiting a Cardiologist within this week. Thanks again.

  • Hi Steven, first you need to meditate, second face your fear going to the street. I know it is the last what you want to hear, but without facing your fear it is impossible to recover. It is wrong to wait the time when the fear will go away to go to the street. You should go to the street despite of fear!

  • Brandon, go check your health than relax. Human’s life is so short, what the point of being concerned of your health everytime if it is 100% chance that it will finish for any of us. Even the most healthy people couldn’t avoid ilness and dying. It will happen any way. So relax, and don’t waste your precious time on this Earth on worrying and worrying=)

  • Hi Nikolay, thank you very much for all the help you are giving…
    I had my first PA one week after I lost my father last August.
    I never knew what PA or Anxiety is I didn’t even have a postpartum depression after giving birth to my 3 kids….
    Since August 2014 I’m experiencing breath shortening every single day and PA every 2 month or so I had to put my business on hold and basically all my life.
    My question is how can I overcome the breath hunger and get back my normal life??
    Any help will be greatly appreciate

  • Lamya, breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, relaxation should help. It is quite possible that these are not breathing problems themselves, but a result of anxiety. Cope with anxiety this will go away. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn,t check with doctor.

  • I suffer from Panic attacks and anxiety for almost 5 years. It comes and goes. One day I feel like I am on top of the world-the other I feel like sh*t and I will die! HAHA. Our brain, what an instrument, right?? I have nausea, diziness and every popular symptoms caused by PA. It helps to read posts like this and it feels less intense and dramatic. Facing our PA like an enemy and laughing a lot about my PA help!!! You cannot die from it-as hard as a PA might hit you, it will pass! Fight it like a warrior!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Another thing, feeling dizzy or almost drunk all the time comes with having PA and anxiety!! Yup!!!lol Cool right! One other thing that might help a lot of people: If you were phicially sick, or something was really wrong with you, you would already be dead since a long time!!!!!!!!!!!LOL ahah So stop worring and fearing the PA-accept it, laugh about it when you have an attack and let these attacks hit you like you CAN take a lot!!!! Use these atacks to make yourself stronger!!!!!

  • i started to worry and have panic attacks 10 years ago or so, I was playing baseball and had a PA at that time I didn’t know what it was but now I do. After that I always had the worry every time I got shortness of breath but did not PA until recently. I have been having some constant worry and PA. All because of my breathing

    What can I do to relax and stop worrying about my breathing

  • Thank you for posting this article, i have been having panic attacks this past week and i have caused them for myself by using the drug MDMA for the first (and definitely last) time, i was feeling very bad for myself and after reading this i have instead decided to be angry at myself for letting myself to do this to my body and brain,i now want to have a panic attack in order to face it head on and this is helping me alot i find looking forward to the next panic attack truely is the best method of handling panic attacks i no longer fear them i instead see them as a challenge to myself that i deserve. I feel the saying ‘what does not kill you, makes you stronger’ is very appropriate. Meditation is also a very effective method and i now actually look forward to beating PA and i think will make me stronger as a person in the long term and this experience has really showed me how important my health and body is and i will look after it much better from here on out and will stop putting irresponsible crap into my body.

  • Hi Nik,

    It’s been very assuring and uplifting reading your article. Suffering from PA for 2.5yrs…much better now. Except for the weird anxiety attacks during hormonal times. What you advocate is spot on…facing, accepting, feeling the fear as it goes thru our bodies. I have changed my attitude towards impending and occurring PA n has settled the worst of the is just great to know that you are out there and many others alike.

  • Kawika:

    “So stop worring and fearing the PA-accept it, laugh about it when you have an attack and let these attacks hit you like you CAN take a lot!!!! Use these atacks to make yourself stronger!!!!!”

    Thank you! Ye, these are realy good points!

  • Jamie

    “What can I do to relax and stop worrying about my breathing”


  • Daniel

    “i now want to have a panic attack in order to face it”

    Ye! This is the best aproach to your fear! We experience new panic attack mainly because we avoid this experience!

  • He Cindy!

    “What you advocate is spot on…facing, accepting”

    Meditating, yoga, exercise, working with acceptance in your daily life and through meditation. That is what I suggest

  • My PA happen at work. I think that’s because that’s where my first one happened and the fact that I can’t leave. Do you have any tips for when you’re at work and can’t meditate or go for a run? I had this happen ten years ago and I fought it with mind over matter, but this time seems to be worse.

  • Dear,
    it is very helpful article.
    Thank you so much… i would like to make a friend ship with you.. bcz there are lot of people need support for this PA…
    expect reply

  • Hi Vanessa, although meditation is a practice that should be performed alone in quite area it doesn’t mean you cannot practice it’s aspects in dayly life. Meditation is not made for supressing symptoms, it is made for developing mind qualities for fighting panic attacks.

  • Hi

    I came across this article after finding a way on how to cope with panic attack. I had my panic attack last June and was gone after I took some medicines then came back just this month of August. I was totally afraid that I might have a heart disease or something not thinking that it could only be because of panic attack. I find this article of yours helpful even If I didn’t try yet the techniques mention by you on dealing the PA. Right now, while I am in the office I experienced a slight panic like cold hands and feet, dizziness, mild palpitations and choking. But your article has shed a light to me not to be afraid of this since it’s normal. I hope everyone who reads this will find it useful also.

  • Hi Julie!

    “I took some medicines then came back just this month of August” No it didn’t come back. Because it wasn’t gone. It was just supressed.

    Wish you patience. Only through work you can get rid of it. There are no quick and easy solutions.

  • Thanks Nikolay. I will instill that in my mind that there are no quick and easy solutions but only with perseverance, and patience. Soon I will be a brand new me. I will try my best. I will not let myself down just because of this odd feeling. As much as possible, I will try to be happy and stay positive like you did. Daghang Salamat!

  • This is a great article to read!
    Keep up the good work people.
    I came across one comment above her name is Ann.
    She complained about being her chest hurt so bad.
    I do have the same symptoms.
    It is only in your head, try to listening to the relaxing musics.
    Keep your mind off your bad thoughts. There is nothing wrong with your chest.After I had a major PA, the next days my chest were so tight and really hard to breathe. I know its because that PA feelings were still lingerring back of my brain. I needed to relax and be strong.
    Listenning to the calm musics made my chest pain go away then I realized its my fear of PA will happens again.
    Be strong, be confident, be willing to fight the parasites. Get rid of your parasites in you.
    Make sure to use the words “stop it” , ” beat it”, “you can not hurt me” .

  • I like everyone else found this through finding ways of coping with panic attacks. I have used lots of different methods mainly using the same principle of welcoming the feeling, and basically letting the panic happen. I have had this on and off for about 20 yrs , mainly at night and normally consists of one frightening thought , I cannot control , which then spirals out of control.
    I feel, sick, scared, dizzy and bloody well alone . I have started meditating and learning to distant myself from the thought and there is a great ap that I use that helps you focus on the feeling not the thoughts
    Think most feel would agree, you feel so useless and want to be ” normal” like everyone else, but anxiety is normal to a degree. Your article helped me as it doesn’t stigmatise and your experiences were very similar to my own. I will persevere thank you for this

  • How long did it take you to finally get the panic attacks and anxiety under control?

  • Lnoor maybe half a year or one year. It is not a quick procees, you have to break the habbit of worrying and it takes time

  • thank you a lot for your article. I have a question though, since my panic attack happened, I have been feeling panicky 24/7. I only sleep one to two hours per night. Is my situation too bad? My dr prescribed me an antidepressant. Do you think taking an antidepressant to help me relax a little and at the same time doing meditation and sport is a bad solution?

  • thank you.. i m having these problems nowadays. i was scared to go to a doctor and get it treated. i m really encouraged and i m ready for my next PA to appear and face it like a Samurai.

  • I don’t know how to thank you, the way of samurai helped me alot, I can say I’m no longer afraid of PA mainly losing my mind or having heart attack no matter how bad it gets I stay calm and remain in the situation but then an hour or two later, I feel like it’s coming back so my mind goes like maybe you should go home now before it comes back I don’t go home because it feeds on that but I remain worried which sucks it sucks the happiness out of the hangout I was enjoying I just remain worried and thinking about it, one last thing I moved away from my parents to another country a year ago and I came back due to my health condition, now I want tto move back again there’s nothing I want more, but I’m scared when I’m all alone in a country by myself how am I going to respond to PA ? please advice me and thank you sir.

  • Hi, Omar

    “how am I going to respond to PA ?”

    You should learn not to respond to PA with fear. You can respond either with desire to have more fear (as in Samurai method: “Give me more”) or without any emotional reaction. This skill needs mastering through meditation also.

  • First of all, Nikolay I’m so glad you answered me no one actually does on online forums lol, so I told you your “way of samurai” helped me alot I can do almost whatever I want, sometimes I don’t feel like fighting it anywho, I feel like I’m better alot better but it didn’t fo away I mean it still comes every day or two, do you think I should travel to work ? i have a job oppprtunity in a different country and I’ll be all alone not even relatives or friends, let me know what you think, thank you again sir :)

  • Hi nicholay
    Your article is very useful to overcome from panic attacks and fear also………. And i got a lot of confidence from your article….. But i have still panic attacks and fear also….. My head is moving like dizziness….. Still having anxiety…
    . I have another problem related to urine….. I am going for urine again and again and sometimes urine goes stopped and it is not coming.. And i came in fear that something has happened to my urinary bladder..when i feel calm then urine comes but it is not coming fully. Not become empty bladder..i feel like still some little urine is in bladder and then just i feel again for urine and fear of urine goes up and do.. Pls help me to overcome this problem

  • Omar, in order to get rid of PA you should live like you don’t have PA, don’t let it determine your life choice. If you hadn’t had PA would you go to work in other country? That is your decision.

  • Hitesh, you should start meditating and working with your fears. No words can cure you.

  • Nikolay,
    I did live alone in a foreign country where i knew literally not a single person and I did work for 6 months before i got depressed there, my anxiety started crawling i had a lot of pressure I barely payed my bills yet I worked for 10 hours at least and only one day off, I had a lot of pressure because I was completely alone and I used to be very very outgoing back in my country but when I moved I did go out alone then i got bored I made friends slowly, anyway if i traveled again it will be the same scenario over again, also a 12 hours flight sir.. so that;s making me anxious I mean even before anxiety and pa’s kicked in I was usually nervous spending all that time on a plane, now I don’t even know what will happen,
    also since I read your article it helped me get over it like 90% but there comes a time where i feel like everything around me is threatening and I’m paralyzed it happened on new years eve fireworks got me nervous like at exactly 12 I was having one of the worst PA’s I was too nervous.

  • Anyone else experiencing weird (painless) muscle spasms around stomach or in the area? Like a weird powerful heartbeat, but it doesn’t seam to be in the heart region. It happens from time to time without reasons. Got that for 6 months now and it comes and goes. I’ve been dealing with anxiety and PA for almost 4 years now. PA are not as strong and frequent as it used to be..I can’t even remember my last PA!! I’ve always been a healthy 26yo guy, I eat right, doesn’t smoke and exercise frequently. I haven’t been to any doctors, cause inside I know all my worries are anxiety related, but sometimes I do experience fast heartbeats with some thoughts and that weird spasm which I think occurs when I am more likely to be anxious or stressed? I’ve be in Vacation last month for a month outside the country and I was fine!. I’d like if anyone could reply and tell me others do get fast heartbeats and that weird spasm…thanks!

  • D.B, your case is very similar to mine I’m a healthy 24 yr old and I suddenly got anxiety pas for absolutely no reason, anyway what you’re feeling is still related to PA’s and anxiety it’s your colon which gets really affected by moods and caffeine mainly, it’s completely normal if painless if it got a bit painful you’ll just take this one medicine for 2 months and you’ll be golden, don’t worry about it try to cut down on caffeine and maybe medidate

  • Dear NIK

    HI I am Dave :) I am very impress and touched with your articles. Real depth and how you helping others here on forum. God bless you

    . I had PA a year ago . Took pills six months and was OK six months later. Then got anxiety and depression now. Was OK for a while with meditation but last two weeks I seem angry with people i don’t know for no reason. In my mind. Not out verbally

    I think it’s depression. Still working on meditation. Do you think this was due to meditation? Like the negative coming out? My psychologist just gave me breathing exercises. Met her 4 times.

    Any advise? :)


  • Hello, Singh.

    Yeah it is possible that it has been caused by meditation. Not caused but provoked. Sometimes it happens at the beginning of your meditating experience. That is ok, it will end soon. But now you should try to accept it and not try to feed your anger, just watch it come and go. And it will come out. Meditation is like cleaning, sometime this process can cause emotions to come out.

  • Stunning! You don’t come by information such as this simply
    and that I am not so ungrateful! Keep it-up guys!

  • wow!..i appreciate someone like you sharing your story and techniques about success over panic attacks. Few people would do it for free. Hope God bless you more
    As for me, i started experiencing panic attacks after i gave birth. I had a high bp then but wasnt suffering from PA yet. My doctor warned me about it. I started overthingking about it then before i knew it, i had already a full blown panic attack. It heightened into a panic disorder. I always cry about it. I feel helpless.

  • i had overcome this problem by regular exercise but after staying away from home for three days , it starts again and also causes headache in sides of head . what to do ? help

  • I been suffering from panic attacks for about 6 months now, at first it was really hard to control it but now am I able to control it most of the time. But there’s sometimes where I can’t and I feel like fainting ant thats my fear to faint. I’m not able to stay home alone or drive and it’s very hard because I have a two year old. Meditation and reading about it has helped me.

  • Michelle, the key is to never fear it nothing will ever happen to you I swear, I had panic attacks + anxiety + depression and i conqured all that in 8 months no medications and only been to a pschycian once, trust me all I did was push myself into everything I fear, start with something your least fear, lets assume it’s driving go for a drive and trust me you will not faint and your heart won’t stop go for that drive and donmt come back home unless you get over that panic attack do that for a week you’ll never panic about it again and from that conclusion you’ll be stronger facing a much bigger fear, I swear I almost got agorphobia too eventhough It has nothing to do with beig weak or coward I was the absolute opposite just had a stressful time which led to that I was afraid the tiniest things in life like even movies with blood triggered my anxiety so I started avoiding almost everything till I decided I won’t take that shit anymore, be strong I swear it’s easy I rarely get any attacks and I go out daily happily freely I’m even leaving the country for a new one with no one by myside which is scary but I’ll conquer all my fear :) and so will you stay strong dear <3

  • Mayra, I had fear of fainting, heart attack, vomitting almost everything, I was afraid of being alone that I sometimes just went to my friends unnoticed because I was too scared of being alone or driving alone, i felt like driving while I’m panicking might make me lose control and put others in danger, but let me tell you this you’re more in control when you’re panicking than when you’re not infact you’re too focused than usual that’s why you’re panicking cause your brain is too active and aware, panic attacks are nit really “attacks” it’s just the body defending itself against a false danger,
    I conquered my fears bit by bit, when you wake up one day feeling strong don’t think twice go to your car and go for a drive not far from home but have a destination in mind in the beginning don’t go far even if around your block is fine in the beginning then the next day two blocks and so in the. You’ll start taking huge steps till you’re back to normal,but when you get a panic attack no matter how strong DO NOT GO HOME, don’t leave, don’t ask for help, talk to your mind say you got this this is just the body protecting me from nothing keep repeating that your safe and play a song that you really like try to enjoy it even sing along and in maximum of 15 minutes it will be gone :) just don’t give up and head home scared, head home when you’re over it cause it manifests on you losing this battle, you c an pull over drink water, (water helped me alot for some reason)

    I left a comment on this same page i was scared as you are till this awesome dude answered my questions I was scared as you are probably even more and here I am better than ever, I swear to you when I’m out with friends and something bad happens they panic eventhough they do not have any disorder and I don’t cause I coped with panicking and my body now can handle the regular adernaline rush (:
    You’ll be better than before stay strong.

  • Hi Mayra,

    I had suffered from pa for 2yrs…. Haven’t had an attack since 1yr ago… What has helped me to get over ‘it’ was to not be scared of it. Accept it and embrace it and know that the symptoms are harmless, no matter what ur symptoms may be @ the time n how scary they may be… It’s not an easy process to accept and not b scared of them… But once I’ve mastered that.. I find that I m also less distress n depress when I did have an attack. Which made riding the attacks out easier which also helped to increase my confidence n hope. Hope is an important element in the process of recovery… Coz @ times when the attacks were so overwhelming it seems like life is hopeless. Also I have decided to go on medication which helps.

  • This was a really useful article. I have a question. My PA’s got so severe that they’re truly affecting my school and work as well. The problem is that I have final exams coming up but since I have 4 or 5 attacks a day, I am so worried because I know that during the exam I will have an attack. Lately every day I have to go to the college I have an attack. Also, I cannot take medication because of the type of job that I have. I am really scared that I will lose my job and affect my performance in school. So any advice as to what to do for quick relief? Especially when I’m in situations in which I cannot “escape” like exams, being in line, job interview…my symptoms get so bad that people can see it too I feel like because I’m shaking or cannot stand still because I feel I’m going tI faint. I will try all your recommendations but since I don’t have much time till exams and my symptoms are so severe and last long, I need some better coping skills. Any help anyone?

  • Oh my God Nicolay, you are saving my life!!!
    I can’t find the words to thank you enough. I found your article by chance while I was looking for ways to get rid of Panic Attacks, or even medications (although I was totally against medications), but suffering from PA for a loooong time now, I was kind of giving up the natural ways and I was thinking of starting medical pills :( but after what I’ve read, which I’m soo glad that I did, I will follow your advice. I have been suffering the PA for 8 years now, but it was like going and coming from time to time. But as of December 2015, it started more frequently and stronger. I had all my medical tests and thank God all was ok. I have consulted more than a doctor here in the middle east and also in Armenia and they all said that it’s just anxiety and PA.
    My most fear is having a serious disease and dying young, and sometimes I have the fear of future and losing my mind. My most common symptom while have PA is the quick heartbeat and feeling nauseous and faint. That’s one of the reasons that I started to avoid going to the malls, restaurants and even travel.
    After reading your article, I will start exercise and meditation. I hope it will help!!
    Thank you again for your great article, and I wish we all eventually get rid of our PAs and live our lives happily!!

  • Hi Wilson..
    I have been suffering from PAs for 4 months. When ut happens i am always get too much worry and ask my nearby people to take me to the hospital and when i reach hospital they simply lay me down and put a mind relaxing tablet under my tongue and after 29 mints i get normal.. please advise what should i do to get rid of PAs forever..

  • Hi,

    Thank you so much for this article. I read it while I was having a panic attack that I might die from a heart attack. But 3 paragraphs into this article, my panic attack was gone. I find that if you understands what PA is, there are nothing to fear. I will start try the method that you provided and hopefully I will be able to get rid of PA forever.

    Also a little note to fellow sufferers, research the symptoms while you are having a PA about a health related issues will stress you out, and greatly worsen your PA. So put down your phone or laptop, and do what was suggested in the article.

    Thank you again,

  • Hello this is no doubt my favorite article out of all of the research I have been doing on my condition. I actually went to the ER 2 weeks ago due to body dehydration and a couple of days later I was panicking about food not going into the right pipe and my breathing and I ended up getting globus on the left side of my throat, random tingling across my body, and suddenly feeling hot or hot flashes that turn on for a second then go away.

    I will start to exercise and meditate very soon because I like those parts.
    That was my very first panic attack and I am seeking to lose these symptoms as soon as possible so I won’t have to cause trouble for my parents anymore. My thinking now is very positive, I am totally aware of what to do and have total parental support.

    I have some questions though, there are times when I get a bit nervous when I start eating and sometimes my back heats up a little bit or feels like something is crawling on it. That does not mean my stress is increasing right? That just means my body is reacting right?

    Does the very hot weather impact my body too?

    Sometimes I do think about my symptoms, when that happens does that mean my stress is increasing again?

    Or does this have something to do with the fact I lost all of my nutrients back when I went to the ER for muscle dehydration?

    I have accepted my symptoms but I am also looking to lose them as soon as possible so I won’t have to worry anymore.

  • Sorry for the extra post I also have another question

    There are times when I would get surprised my back would feel a crawling sensation on it or feel slightly hot. That also means my body is just filled with stress right and not that my stress is increasing?

  • Not to mention when I got nervous, at times there would be sharp tingling only for that time and it would go back to its normal tingling, is that the same deal?

  • It matches the symptoms of PA as mentioned here or other sources but still how can I make sure that IS IT PANIC ATTACK/DISORDER? Can these symptoms be the reasons for any Cancer which I don’t know (Brain Cancer / Stomach Cancer or any other )?

  • I have ben suffering with panic attacks after I contracted a chronic illness. I do take drugs to help combat them. they help somewhat. But want to rid myself of them completely. I will meditate as suggested. The problem is I have an incurable disease that has led to a very sedentery life. I am in pain a lot. the pa can last for days. I live alone and spend my days at home alone with nothing to do. I will try the samari method too. When it takes over my body I feel so hopeless. I am now facing a change in my health insurance and that has made the panic worse. I don’t know how to deal with it. I do a little yoga each day and the rest of the time I am lying down because of my illness. When I get a pa I find myself pacing around the house until I get so tired and frustrated. Any advice for someone with a chronic illness?

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    Anyone should consult a doctor to be sure that he has panic disorder. Self diagnostics through internet is not a good idea

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