Quit Smoking Program – Dealing With Tobacco Withdrawal (Part 5)

I hope you are ready to smoke your last cigarette today and to smoke never again. If you have read the previous four parts of the article (the beginning is here), then you should not be afraid of the prospects of life without tobacco, and you should know that you can get rid of any addiction once and forever.

Therefore, beginning tomorrow you will start quit smoking program an be a non-smoker person. This is the final part of quit smoking articles. Here I will give you pieces of advice, which are confined to the first days of tobacco withdrawal. They will help you withstand the nicotine withdrawal sickness.

Here and there, I will repeat the content of the previous parts, but I’m sure it will do you good.

You should read the program while growing out of cigarettes and follow the recommendations provided in it.

It is better not to drink alcohol during the program implementation, because it paralyzes your willpower and makes you more susceptible to weakness.

So, today you fall asleep (smoke in the evening, no need to smoke at night) and tomorrow (namely tomorrow, not next week or after your friend’s birthday) you wake up as a person, who have quitted smoking once and for all!

Day 1

Congratulations! You have quitted smoking! You are no longer a smoking person. Although, you will have to suffer a little bit.

It will not be easy. These are not the most encouraging words for someone, who has decided to quit smoking. But you have to prepare yourself for the fact that the nicotine withdrawal provokes a lot of unpleasant symptoms. Do not pay any attention to them.

The good news is that quitting smoking is easier, than you think. This is not the worst thing that can happen in a person’s life.

Many people have coped with this and they are now enjoying a life without tobacco.

If you are not ready and will treat it thoughtlessly, then a sudden strong desire will take you by surprise and you will be unable to resist. Hold on. You will want to smoke.

But do not identify yourself with the desire to smoke! Your body wants to smoke, not your “inner self.” Your body shall wean off tobacco. Since nicotine is a drug, the weaning may be accompanied by unpleasant symptoms.

No smoking is allowed! No matter how much you may want it. This is forbidden; this is a taboo! Forget about the fact that you have the opportunity to take a cigarette. You can just be patient and wait until the “disease” will pass.

Pull yourself together and take courage.

Stephen King has a story “Quiters Inc.” The story describes the activities of an informal organization that helps people deal with addictions in a radical way.

If a person becomes a client of the organization, then he is kept under 24-hour surveillance. If he smokes at least once, then he will have his finger cut off. If he does it twice, then a member of his family will lose his or hers finger.

The sanctions become more violent during smoking “relapses.”

I do not want to create myself such “incentives” in real life. You simply have to feel like the character of this book, when quitting smoking.

There is no opportunity to smoke! Imagine that there is no cigarette in the whole world or, imagine that if you smoke, then something really bad will happen. In short, smoking is not possible for you!

This day, read about the benefits of life without tobacco; read for example this article.

It says that in 8 hours after your withdrawal, the nicotine content in your body will be reduced up to 94 %. This will happen about the time you wake up in the morning on the first day of your quitting smoking, provided the fact that you have not smoked at night (and you should not have to).

In 12 hours, about 4 hours after your awakening, when you came to work and made your first affairs, the oxygen in your blood returned to a normal level.

In 24 hours, about the evening of the first day, the anxiety passed its peak level.

This is undoubtedly good news. Read other articles on this subject.

If you’re sitting at work, go out walking every two hours or every hour. Do breathing exercises, which I have described in the article “How to Stop Being Nervous All the Time” (Breathe with your Stomach). It will calm your nervous system, and will be an excellent alternative to smoking.

Do not fall on the food! Eat as much as you usually eat. No need to replace one habit with another. When I quit smoking, I have put on no kilo. Therefore, do not be afraid of gaining weight. This will happen only in case you do not moderate your desires.

Hold on till the evening. If you managed to cope with it – well done! You withstood your first day without tobacco. Positive metamorphoses already started to happen in your body. Your willpower became stronger.

Nicotine withdrawal is a stress. But at the same time, it is a very useful experience to your personality.

But the tests are still not over.

Good night!

Day 2

Good morning!

You have coped without a cigarette about 36 hours. This is a good result. Today, follow all the recommendations that I’ve mentioned above. If you consider it necessary, re-read the main paragraphs of the preceding articles.

Read the articles on my website, the links to which I have given you in the previous parts of this article, if you have not done it yet. It will be useful to you.

The withdrawal symptoms may not be weaker today, in comparison with yesterday. Hold on, it should be easier anyway! Once you have withstood the first day without a cigarette, then you will be able to withstand the second day as well. Your willpower and endurance mobilized, and you became morally stronger!

In the evening of this day there will be 48 hours since the moment you stopped being classified to 20% of the world’s smokers! By this time, the damaged by smoking nerves began to be restored. Your sense of taste and smell became subtitle and go back to normal.

Soon you will be able to breathe with clear lungs and to scent everything that you could not when you smoked! Flowers will smell stronger, and the food will taste better!

Day 3

I hope that the most difficult thing is over. Judging by my experience, on the third day of withdrawal it became easier. The symptoms were not so vivid.

At the end of this day, there will be 72 hours since the moment you gave up cigarettes. By this time, all nicotine will release your body. The withdrawal symptoms passed the peak of their intensity. Your lungs are recovering after the smoking period. Breathing becomes easier and lung function improves.

It would be foolish to turn back at this point, in order to start all over again, isn’t it?

Day 4 – 14

During these days, the symptoms have to decline, until they disappear completely by the end of this period.

Let out the accumulated stress! Take a short run in the open air, feel how much better your lungs are working. Of course, if you are not used to training, do not expect sports feats. Any person, who is not engaged in regular exercise, may have shortness of breath while running, even if he does not smoke.

Nevertheless, there have to be a progress. Experience the new possibilities of your body.

Smoking practically excludes sports activities, especially those, which require endurance and proper work of your lungs and heart. Now, you are no longer bound by this limitation and can do any kind of sport you want!

Do not hesitate. Sports will teach to cope with your weaknesses better, will lift your spirits and you will want to smoke or drink alcohol less.

If you have spent 4 days without a cigarette, then you have done a great job!

For many of you, there is more to come. You will have to refine yourself and change your habits and character, in order not to become an addicted person again and not to be yearning for cigarettes.

I hope that my website will help you.

All the articles, that I write, are based on my personal experience. I am a former smoker and former alcoholic, who now do well without these drugs. On this blog, I am sharing the information that allows me to be a person, who does not need alcohol and cigarettes and live a happy life.

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