Why Do People Smoke Cigarettes? Dealing With the Reasons of Smoking (Part 3)

This is the third part of stop smoking articles. In this article will answer a question why do people smoke cigarettes.

Here I provide you with the known by me psychological reasons for smoking. I will also tell you how to eliminate those reasons.

This list is not a complete list of the smoking factors, but, in my opinion, it reflects the main factors.

You will find some of them being characteristic to you, and some not. The main thing is to realize that the roots of your addiction shall be found in yourself and that you have to destroy them in order to get rid of the addiction.

You cannot save diabetics from insulin dependence, simply depriving him of medication vials. You have to fight with the disease itself!

This is the direction that shall be followed by you, even if you get no concrete answers in this article or in others.

Main psychological reasons for smoking:

Lack of willpower

Willpower determines how much you are able to ignore the momentary pleasure for the sake of long-term goals. Can you refuse a delicious cake in order not to gain excess weight? Are you able to constrain your anger in order not to spoil the relations? Can you finish the job, wait and endure?

Willpower is a very important personal quality, which largely determines your happiness and your success in life.

But if the quality is badly developed, then the person cannot resist his weaknesses and indulges them even in case of a potential danger to his life! He lacks the freedom to say “no” to his desires and he can only obey them.

If you want to stop smoking, then you will need willpower. You can read the article How to Improve Your Willpower to find out how to develop it.

The need for sensory stimulation

The tendency to stimulate your receptors constantly and to keep your attention on something has different preconditions. But often it creates bad habits. For a restless and fussy person, who has a lot of excess energy for which he cannot find a use, – smoking can be a “rescue.”

You can always get a cigarette from a pack, drag on it, direct your attention on the ritual and calm down.

In my article you can find tips on how to get rid of lack of attention and hyperactivity Coping With ADHD Without Drugs.

Nervousness, anxiety

Cigarettes help many people to cope with stress, relieve tension and allay excitement. Therefore they became so strongly attached to cigarettes. What else would facilitate the tenseness and calm the nerves, if not these “little friends”?

It will be very difficult to such people to quit the harmful addiction, if they have not learned to cope with stress.

The following articles will help you learn how to do this.

Best Ways to Relieve Stress Without Alcohol or Drugs
How to Stop Being Nervous All the Time

Why does smoking calm down?

In the articles, the links to which I have given to you just before this paragraph, you will find my recommendations of doing some breathing exercises. By the way, did you know that the smoking process contains an element of breathing practice?

When a person smokes, he does rhythmic elongated breaths when whiffing. Namely this, not only the smoke coming into lungs, helps him relax.

We will learn to do almost the same thing, namely, to breathe in order to relax, but without cigarettes.

It will be also great, if you start meditating.

Meditation will teach you to cope with the stress and to relax. It will also improve your mood and will make your life without cigarettes happier and more interesting.

I quit smoking in 4 months after I started meditating. In my opinion, meditation has played the key role in the fight against this harmful habit. On the comments of Russian version of my website, one person has written that he had smoked during 39 years.

He tried a lot of methods and means, which did not help him. He found my website and began to meditate. Due to this, he quit smoking and currently he does not smoke for some months.


For some people, cigarettes are a kind of entertainment, an attempt to take time being busy doing something. They relieve boredom and make the weary hours of waiting and inactivity more bearable. “Chronic” boredom is closely connected with the need for sensory stimulation.

Read the article Dealing with Boredom to find out how to get rid of boredom.

Lack of joy

Perhaps, there is little joy and light minutes in your life and nicotine sticks have become your escape. I have yet no advice on how to work with it, except for meditation. But soon I will surely write a series of articles on the subject.

Social reasons

It happens that people smoke because of self-doubt. Tobacco helps them take some courage. Some people think that a cigarette makes them more important and impressive. For someone a cigarette is a kind of a status symbol.

The smoking process helps someone to relax and stop feeling shy.

As I have already written, these are not all the possible psychological aspects of nicotine addiction. But you will surely find some of them being characteristic to you. If you not, remember the main principle: the most reasons of being a smoker are located within your character.

TIP: it will be easier to understand why you smoke, if you have already made unsuccessful attempts to quit smoking and even did well some time without a cigarette. Why did you start smoking again, even after the withdrawal was over?

Pay attention to this.

Now you can pass to the next part 7 Things You Should Know Before Quitting Smoking. The following tips will help you set yourself up properly to forget about cigarettes!

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