Free Online Personal Development Program

On this website you will be able to pass a free online personal development program, which consists of sequential steps.Each step of the program is provided on a separate blog page, which can be used by clicking the link at the end of this post.

Like a computer game, the program involves the passage of “levels”, from the simplest to more complex.

To pass a level, you have to read the theory, materials of the blog that correspond to a certain step (I will publish the links to these articles on step pages), and to perform the required tasks.

Tasks can be different. For example, I can ask you to stand up earlier than usual during a week, or to master a certain relaxation technique.

These tasks will help solidify the useful personal skills in practice, for example, to develop your willpower, to take the first steps towards the ability of controlling your emotions, to get rid of bad habits, to find a positive attitude towards things, to strengthen your health, to learn how to relax, to stop being nervous, etc.

You are free to read the articles on my website in any convenient order for you, and you can follow the program and study the materials in the provided sequence.

I advise you to follow the program in the following cases:

If You Do Not Know How to Start

The program is designed for those who wish to develop and refine themselves, but have no idea where to start, what to do for this purpose and what to read. Personal development plan will lead you through the pages of my blog and offer you exciting methods of self-examination and practice.

If You Lack Motivation

Everyone knows that it is rather difficult to force oneself to refine consciously: to break the habits, to correct the shortcomings. It is much easier to do it when you have a prepared plan before your eyes. Tasks of the initial program steps are not much of a challenge for anyone: they are easily performed. This will help you move forward according to the targeted course, instead of giving up the whole stuff when you have hardly started.

How Will Steps Be Published?

I will need time to prepare each step. I will try to publish each new step 1-2 times per month. You can find out the emergence of new steps by subscribing to my updates using the RSS.
How many steps will be? I cannot say. After all, the self-development is an endless process, for which there are no boundaries in time! On the Russian website version there are already initial steps. I need some time to translate them into English.

Personal Development Steps

Now the following steps available:

Step 1 – How to start personal development
Step 2 – Awareness Training
Step 3 – 7 Challenges

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