Step 3 – 7 Challenges

This is the third step of the personal development program. We will train our willpower and will develop the skills of planning tasks and performing goals. Willpower is a very important personal quality. It gives you the opportunity to implement your intentions, to manage your emotions, to fulfill your goals.

Willpower defines how we can resist temptations, for example, not to eat sweets before going to bed, not to get drunk every day, not to put off things until tomorrow, to act up our promises, not to swear on our loved ones, to stop worrying and not to be distracted by trifles, when we have to work.

Willpower helps you curb your primitive animal self, which is lazy, angry, wants to have fun and wants to do nothing. Due to this quality, we can set goals and fulfill them, even if we have to forgo the momentary desires for it.

I call the willpower as a muscle of self-development. The development of this muscle defines, what severity of challenges you will be able to overcome, just the same as the body muscles defines, what the heaviest weight that you can lift is.

But, like any muscle, the willpower needs training. And the more often this muscle has to strain, when you overcome your laziness and procrastination, the stronger it becomes.

The third step unfolds the way of training.

What You Should Know

Read the article – How to Improve Your Willpower.

Answer to the Questions

  1. Do you often fail to cope with your temptations? For example, you cannot quit the bad habits of which you want to get rid for a long time or you cannot stop worrying over nothing?!
  2. Do you manage to implement plans, to keep the promises made to yourself in order to move towards the goal?

If our willpower is not developed, then we become the slave of our own weaknesses, we destroy our beginnings at the grassroots and break down our plans and our lives.

What You Should Do

The first thing you need to learn to do is to plan your business, give yourself promises and fulfill them. I came up with 7 challenges for your willpower; one challenge per each of the following seven days. It will be an interesting challenge for you. Will you cope with it?

Of course, some deviations from the program are possible, in order to suit your situation. You can adjust some of the points and adapt them for yourself. What are the habits you want to get rid of first of all? Make these habits your challenge objects and make the necessary changes in my program.

The fulfillment of this step will help you not only to develop some skills, but also to take the first steps towards getting rid of the harmful and destructive habits of your life.

When you give up your habits for a while, you will understand what desires run your life most of all.

Willpower Challenge Program. Beginning Tomorrow

In this program, I will set some willpower challenges for you. The purpose of these challenges is to take you beyond your usual comfort zone, to enable your willpower muscle to strain, so that it can become stronger.

I want you to learn to set yourself plans and fulfill the promises made to yourself.

The program duration is 7 days or more. Your task is to deal with all the challenges.

For example, I can ask you not to drink coffee during the whole day. If you cannot cope with the challenge, then move it to the end of the program. If the challenge of not drinking coffee was on the second day, but you could not stand the temptation and drank a cup of coffee, then move this challenge on the next day after the last challenge, that is, on the 8-th day.

On the third day, I will ask you to go to bed earlier than usually. If you failed again, then move the challenge on the 9-th day, after the 8-th day, when you will try not to drink coffee once again. And so on.

If you feel that any task is too difficult for you, then, simplify it. For example, instead of three cups of coffee per day, which you usually drink, drink only one cup of coffee, if you really cannot do without the drink.

The challenges should not be too difficult for you, so that you can cope with them. At the same time, they should not be too easy, so that it can give you the opportunity to leave the zone of your habits’ control at least temporarily.

The First Day – Silence

Be more silent today. Speak only if necessary. No stories, anecdotes, life stories, remarks, criticism, jokes, news discussions, disputes, gossips. Talk about something only when you are asked, when you have to answer, when you have to talk. For example, when discussing the working affairs.

Try to do without those communications that are not necessary for you.

No need to keep your mouth shut, turn away and ignore the greetings and questions of people. The exercise implementation shall not sour your relations with others. Just speak less and listen to people more than usually. Do not interrupt and do not argue.

At the end of the day ask yourself how difficult it was for you. Did it require more tension of your willpower muscle? What was the most difficult thing for you: not to get involved in disputes or not to support the gossips?

Due to this experience, you can learn a lot of things about yourself, about your character and desires. For example, that you feel a strong desire to be engaged in intrigues or that you rarely listen to people and are obsessed only about your own problems.

Those things that you used to take for granted, this day turned to be an interesting object of observation. You may find problems of which you need to get rid.

The Second Day – Bad Habits

  • do not drink coffee and tea during this day
  • and / or smoke 25 – 50 % less cigarettes than you usually smoke every day
  • and / or do not visit the social networks
  • and / or do not eat sweets
  • and / or get rid of any other bad habit for one day

This will help you realize how strong your habits are. Perhaps, earlier you did not think that coffee causes addiction, but when you barely stand the whole day without this drink, you realize that it is not so.

Today, you took the first steps towards getting rid of your bad habits.

The Third Day – Day Regimen

  • Get up directly the alarm clock rings
  • Try to come at work in proper time (or start doing any of your dealings earlier than usually)
  • Go to bed an hour earlier than usually

What for is the last one? Because tomorrow you have to get up earlier! You know that sleep in the early hours of the night is the healthiest, and you’d get enough sleep much better. 8 hours of sleep from 11 p.m. – are not the same as 8 hours of sleep from 2 a.m. The first ones are much better!

If you cannot fall asleep at this time, simply lie down on bed in the dark and have a rest.

The Fourth Day – Exercises

Get up an hour earlier. Do the morning exercises.

It is good that yesterday you went to bed earlier. Do the morning exercises. First, warm up your muscles. Then do press-ups, knee-bends and abdominal exercises. Only after that, pull your muscles.

Did you notice how it charges your body with vivacity? Try not to drink coffee during this day as well (but if you fail with this it’s ok. It is not the main task of this day chalenge). Feel the natural tone of your body.

The Fifth Day – Food

Do not eat meat and fish during this day.

It will be a good challenge for you, if you are used to eat meat food every day. Wikipedia states that the food ration, which has no meat products, is good for health if the diet is chosen correctly.

Anyway, one day without meat will not kill you and will not do you harm.

Do not eat the same food you usually eat, but without meat. For example, no need to remove the sausage from rice in order to eat just the rice. This is not helpful. Replace the meat food with nutritious vegetable, flour or dairy food. Carry out an interesting gastronomic experiment. Try to cook, for example, some Indian food. Find interesting vegetarian recipes on the Internet.

The Sixth Day – Emotions

  • Do not talk bad about people during this day
  • Do not gossip
  • Do not complain
  • Do not swear
  • Do not gloat

The willpower is required not only to resist your temptations, but also to control your emotions. During this day, do not swear, do not blame and do not insult someone aloud or silently. Avoid complaints about other people and complaints about life in general. It’s not so simple, isn’t it?

Perhaps, this exercise will help you open some parts of your character.

The Seventh Day – Reflections

Spend two hours or more alone. Just take a walk or look at the ceiling, without leaving the house. During this time, do not turn on the TV or computer, turn off the phone.

No need to force yourself to think about some things. Just relax, let the thoughts take their course.

How’s that? Was it difficult? Did you want to give it up and go to the usual matters, for example, go online or call a friend? Did you manage to relax? Were you comfortable alone with yourself?

This exercise, as well as other exercises of this step, will help you understand the power of your habits and will help you realize the dependence of many things. Thanks to it, some of you will be able to reveal the internal stress, which can occur when you are alone and idle.

You have to get rid of this stress. Your brain needs some rest from information. Spend more time alone.


If you managed to pass all the challenges in just one week at the first time – well done! If you failed, still – well done! The main thing is to try and to bring the matter to the end! You have to pass each level in order to complete the step. This will teach you to fulfill the promises made to yourself.

I hope that the passage of this step was an exhilarating challenge for you and that it helped you learn a lot of things about yourself and get a new and interesting experience.

Develop your willpower during your everyday life, even after the performance of the step. Set yourself goals; make promises and fulfill them. Learn to control your daily temptations and weaknesses, spend more quality time and less time for bean-counting. Follow the daily routine, fulfill your obligations, go in for sports and deal with your bad habits.

Follow my recommendations every day, not only during the performance of this step. Each step of the self-development program – is just the initial lesson that can push you towards the development of your best qualities.

The self-development program gives you the opportunity to practice self-development.

But these steps will not be able to lead you all the time. You will have to use consciously your own gained experience, to improve your life and to refine yourself every day.

Good luck! Wait for the new steps’ publications!

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